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Monday, December 13, 2010

The halls have been decked

We are slowly but surely moving in the direction of Christmas. Whew. This weekend we hung up the stockings, put out our Christmassy stuff, and even decorated our trees. Well actually Ro and Ree decorated the trees. They hung every single ornament themselves. I just handed out hooks and brought up some festive Christmas music on the AppleTV.

First they decorated our downstairs tree. Little sweeties ooh and ahh every time the lights come on and they sit and just stare at the ornaments. My favorites are the yearly family pic ornaments, and the special decorations we got in China, and their faves are the plaster ornaments that they painted themselves when they were little.DSC_0429LRDSC_0507LR

Then they decorated their bedroom trees. We picked up some fiber optic white trees last year at Target and they love using them as nightlights during the holidays. If you look closely, you can see that Ro (in pink) was enamored with sorting her ornaments and hanging them by type. See the hilarious clustered groups of ornaments that are only at the very bottom of her tree? Hee! Ree (in blue) went for even tree coverage and careful even spacing of ornaments. Love both trees and just loved their comments like “Ooooo, this one is beeyooootiful” and “Wow, look mama, this one is the sparkliest” during the decorating.GirlsChristmasTrees-000001

(I made this collage clickable to a larger version, in case anyone’s dying to see the details. You can see a tiny bit of the girls’ new pink room and big-girl beds in the bottom right photo, I need to take more house pics soon.)

Alrighty, I think we’re getting there. The only decoratey-type thing that’s left (I think) is the hanging of the outside lights, and that’s kind of TubaDad’s area. Oh, and for the presents, I found the BEST new hiding place. All of Ro and Ree’s gifts have been secreted away in the refrigerator-sized tuba-shipping case in the garage. Mwah ha ha!!

PS: If you still haven’t done your Christmas cards and are panicking (like I was), check out Prints Made Easy. We’ve used them many times before for seasonal postcard mailings and used them for the first time this year to make Christmas postcards. They print large, beautiful postcards (5.5” x 8.5”) that you design (you can get super fancy and create intricate graphics for both sides, or just upload a snapshot for the front like I did) and then they will mail them for you to the addresses you supply in an Excel sheet. They’re fast, I put in our addresses on 12/6, and our fab Christmas postcards were printed, stamped, and delivered to the post office on 12/9.


  1. beautiful! and i love the bedroom trees, what an awesome idea that i will remember to heist for next year :)

  2. k1polzin12/13/2010

    my girls keep up their fiber optic tree all yr for a night-light (no bulbs on it) : )

    Kim Evans

  3. Anonymous12/13/2010

    wow their room look so cartoonish

    very beautiful

  4. Awww, the bedroom trees seem like they were made for them!

  5. So sweet to see them enjoying your tree, and their bedroom is so cute. I can't wait to see more pics of your new abode. :)

  6. My best friend does trees for her twins' bedrooms, too. And now here you go jumping on the bandwagon. I feel like a slacker mom.

  7. Anonymous12/13/2010

    hah "when they were little" hahahahah.

    how old are they now? five?

  8. We got our card today and I am LOVING that idea! Next year that's a plan for me...either that or a mass email! ;)

  9. I love your Christmas card! Thanks for sending me one. Love it.

  10. Yes, it's definitely looking decked! Very nice. Our daughter is also fond of the cluster approach to tree decor. Ha ha.

  11. Funny how they take such different approaches. My two couldn't be bothered with ornaments, the wanted to trim the tree with scissors! and hung all the stockings in their room to bait and trap Santa.

  12. Soooo adorable! The girls look like they were so excited!
    They did a beautiful job!

  13. Fun shots! Glad to see you getting settled and ready for the holidays. Where did you get the bedding and does it come in full size and do they ship to Canada?
    I have been looking for bedding in those colours for YEARS!!!!!

  14. It certainly looks like Christmas at your house:) I love the white trees in their bedroom.....and their matching Santa hats!!

    Prints made easy looks very cool!!

    Happy Holidays~



  15. Thanks, guys!!

    Anon: I was dying laughing at the "when they were little" comment. Oh yeah, I guess they aren't quite grown up yet.

    Tarcoulis: The old bait and trap! Love the cleverness. Can't wait to hear if it worked.

    Deb and Sean: The bedding is from Bed Bath and Beyond. It's called the Audrey, and it does come in full. Don't know about Canada shipping though, you'd have to check. The girls wanted to be in the same room, but Ro wanted pink bedding and Ree wanted orange bedding. It was driving me crazy until I stumbled on this stuff. Yippee!!!