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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I think they should just call it “Ro and Ree Day”

It’s Wacky Wednesday today at school (part of the fun spirit week), where all the kids are supposed to wear wacky outfits. And the girls had a BALL choosing theirs.DSC_0405LRDSC_0409LR

Oh my goodness, this day, a day of bright wild wacky fashion choices, is SO right up their alley. The ladies in the school office asked if Ro and Ree had picked everything out themselves or if I had helped. Ha! We all know the answer to that, don’t we?

Ro (left) said she wasn’t going to wear any pink today, which would be soooooo wacky. True. She mixed up her colors, legwarmers, and shoes with glee, then directed me to put the left side of her hair in a ponytail and the right side in a braid. Ree was up in the closet a long time, and came down with this funny ensemble, giggling and happily pointing out to me exactly what didn’t match with what. She decided she wanted wild ponies all over her entire head, so I think we got 6 of them in there.

DSC_0364LRFunny kiddos. They sure do love spirit week. Yesterday was “winter holiday” day, by the way, and they wore their adorable Christmas ribbon outfits from last year.

Tomorrow is (double squeal) pajama day and the girls cannot wait. Oh the plotting and rejoicing that is going into pajama day. I’m sure I’ll take a picture or two...

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  1. Anonymous12/08/2010

    The picture for today's entry is priceless and would make a great holiday card as it reflects their true spirit!

  2. Funnily enough I was just reading the blog entry about the sock monkey Tshirts earlier today. They're ADORABLE-my 3 year old would love it but a $30 shirt plus shipping to the U.K. is a but exessive for a kids shirt :(

  3. So funny.

    P.S. I want one of those sock monkey shirts for myself! Love it!

  4. It must be a girl thing, because when my boys had days like that it would be met with groans and grumbles and they'd go to school looking exactly the same as every other day. haha. I can't wait until next year when I get girl involvement!

  5. they make wacky wednesday look so stylish! *and i might add that is one of E's most favorite books!

  6. I think they are fashion queens. Love all the socks. They looked so cute for winer holiday day.

    You are a lucky mama!

  7. SO much fun!! They look adorable but not so far off from their fun norm. Love how adverturous your little sweeties are!

    Cute little Christmas outfits with the ribbon pants! I'm taking the one pair Hannah has to FL next month. Originally they reached the floor and now are capris but they will work in the warm FL weather. Getting all the wear out of them I can.

    Looking forward to pajama day pics.

  8. Anonymous12/09/2010

    It totally looks like a regular Ro and Ree day to me!


  9. I don't think your girls would be good candidates for school uniforms, hee hee!

    Love their choices!! So colorful! You're such a good mom!

  10. Kristina12/09/2010

    They look BEAUTIFUL!! So colorful and so them! Makes me smile!!

  11. Anonymous12/12/2010

    We're all sick in our house, and up for a midnight snack and cuddles. My daughter just looked at me and said "Mommy, you're just like Ro and Ree -- you don't have matching socks!" Yes, indeed!

  12. They're so adorable they can rock just about anything, can't they?