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Friday, March 11, 2011

Princesses, They’re Just Like Us

When we go on vacation or I get sick, TubaDad buys me a stack of trashy magazines and I read myself into happy reality-free oblivion. I always gravitate toward those “Stars They’re Just Like Us” columns and crack up at the captions they come up with. Lately I’ve noticed I get more pics of the girls wearing princess garb than regular clothes, so here’s our own “Princesses They’re Just Like Us” article. Heh.

They sew and do crafts!


They wear dark glasses and look fab even when they’re tired:


They dance with their girlfriends (who are princesses too):


They play board games:


They go grocery shopping for junk food:SAMSUNG

They have trouble getting into cars gracefully with those huge skirts:


They sneak the dough while they’re baking cookies:


They drink plain water from the fridge door:DSC_2810LR

They track how much exercise they’re getting:


They eat out at chain restaurants:

2011-03-05 18.25.06

They like the occasional wild party:


Rock on little princesses -- it’s good to know you’re just like us regular folks underneath those glittery gowns and sparkly crowns.

PS: Ree ended up missing the entire week of school because of this cold, and Ro did a double fist pump when she came down with her own fever and got to stay home and watch movies and snuggle on Thursday and Friday. We went to the doctor’s office yesterday because the low-grade fever was hanging on so long, and they both got the all clear for lungs and ears, so hopefully we’re a go for school on Monday. We’ll see.


  1. Anonymous3/11/2011

    Love it. Those Princess pictures are great!


  2. Very cute, they make beautiful princesses!

  3. Phew! I'm so glad to hear they're just "normal" girls!!! I was beginning to think they were little divas that only request yellow M&Ms, and only bathe in the milk of a Yak?!!

  4. Those are busy princesses. I'm glad the doc gave them the all clear. Hopefully the germies will disappear fasr.

  5. Our sweet princesses also do everything in their ball gowns (and gloves most of the time). Love it!


  6. Anonymous3/12/2011

    Did they get the wonderful remedy for all things sick: chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast?

  7. I will forever be amazed at your techie skills ... love the way the pictures look like polaroid snapshots ...

    I have to agree that an afternoon spent with a pile of trashy magazines is just heaven. Even better if chocolate is involved.

    I hope the princesses feel better soon.

  8. Anonymous3/12/2011

    You should make that into a little book for the girls on Snapfish.
    Jamie S

  9. Kristina3/12/2011

    Love those Princesses!!! Hope they are feeling better now. Someone in our house has been sick for what seems like months now! We have each had a turn so maybe it is good that we are not all sick at once!Sending you HUGS!!

  10. Love the little princesses! So nice to know that they things we normal people do. Ha! Glad they're both feeling better too.

  11. Too funny! What a great post!

  12. Love it! So glad to hear they live an everyday life, even as bona-fide princesses.

    If you figure out how to get this germy mess out of your house, let me know. I'm on Day #3 of "barely able to move", which the girls kicked in about an hour. I did a blog post comparing kid germs to biological weapons.

  13. That is wonderful! You are so creative!!!

  14. Anonymous3/12/2011

    Cute post. So clever. Loved it!

    Aunt Jane

  15. The Princess take California in a landslide! LOL These are too funny! And i like how you let them wear their dress up clothes anywhwere you go. My hubby has a fit about that, but it doesn't bug me at all. I think it's fun. Hell, if I could wear a Belle dress to the mall, I totally would! (that's probably why my hubby is so against it, now that I'm thinking about it! LOL)

  16. Your kids make me smile. And they make me feel a little bit nostalgic that my grandson is a boy. There's much of the "girl thang" I'm missing, now that he's getting older.

  17. Sniff Snort, I'm laughing out loud and the large skirts and cars photo. We all put our tiara's on one diamond at a time right?

  18. Anonymous3/18/2011

    Great post!