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Sunday, October 2, 2011

What do you mean “Shoo, get out, this isn’t your pool!”?


Cracked corn, woman, and hurry!DSC_8307LR

And some lettuce, please, we’re starving after all this water play and will flap our puny chicken wings to prove it!DSC_8310LR

Again with the unfamiliar words, what do mean “Don’t you dare poop in that damn water!”?


  1. You are a patient woman for housing those ducks in your back yard. I'm not so sure they would have lasted that long here!

  2. So darn cute! I had a brood of 9 babies and a mama in my pool this summer. Problem is that the babies couldn't get out once they got in the pool. too tiny to jump up to the deck. So.. my gardener and I rigged up a makeshift ramp up the pool steps so they could all get out. They scurried off enmasse to the golf course beyond the fence. I'm still waiting to see what your babies are. I thought one was a common mallard, but now I'm doubting that....

  3. Anonymous10/02/2011

    i'm thinking duck poo all over = no ducks as pets for the M3 family! A1

  4. LOL...... they had their own agenda!! You are a patient woman..... not sure I could deal with ducks as pets!

    Have a wonderful week!!