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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin decorating without the mess

TubaDad is heading out to do music stuff all day, so the three girls of the house got our pumpkin on with some mess-free jack ‘o lanterns. Ok, they’re not so lanterny, and actually I’m not sure what the “jack” part means anyhow, but they will look super fun on the porch, and won’t get all moldy and melt into puddles of mushy biohazard in a few days. 

Can you guess from this one picture who did which pumpkin?

It’s kind of funny to see how we all have different pumpkin styles.


Ree went for bright rainbow stripes horizontally around her pumpkin:

Ro wanted her pumpkin spray-painted white with a gold stem first, then painted on the face, which she had sketched out on paper before starting:

I think they’re both so cute! (And now that I look at this picture more closely I can see that Ree and Ro snuck in a quick wardrobe change while I finished my pumpkin. Typical.)

I was going for a surprised look on my pumpkin face. Kind of a “You and your sister did WHAT?!!!” Heh. So did you guess the pumpkin artists correctly?


  1. Anonymous10/20/2012

    YES!!! First time, though. Ro has a different look than Ree which was apparent in the photo of her painting, but never before to me. Yahoooo!

  2. Are those HazMat suits they are wearing to paint in? Sheesh you take no chances.
    I love those little Jack O Happinesses.

    1. They're these dirt cheap kid-sized smocks I got on the internet years ago from some art supply place -- I think they were a buck each. We've definitely gotten our money's worth out of those.

  3. Maybe, I can convince my kids not to cut this year. I so hate the mess.

  4. I also got the two pumpkins wrong. I for sure thought the rainbow would have been Ro. Really fun and interesting to see their differences exploding right before our eyes. Such fun, such possibilities, such vibrance, such freedom. Can't beat that!

  5. I guessed Mommy's correctly but got the girls opposite. Hmmm...since I still get them mixed up if I can't see their hair, does that mean I got them right? Oy!

    What fun! Will you still get to eat the yummy seeds after Halloween? Truly that's the only reason I dig out all those awful, gooey pumpkin guts!

  6. Hi M3! What kind of paint do you use? My kids' school does a pumpkin decorating contest (no carving allowed), and last year, all the paint peeled off our pumpkins.

    1. Amy, it's funny that you ask -- it's been raining here the last two days and I just noticed that our pumpkins (which are on a covered porch) are peeling! So don't use the kind we used -- washable paint -- or maybe keep them inside. ;-)

    2. We've also tried spray paint and that was no better...

  7. How fun! The pumpkins turned out great.