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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Aug/Sep referrals are coming in

Since we don't have anything better to do while we're waiting for our homestudy to be done, we've entertained ourselves by reading the newsgroups religiously. And today we saw the coolest thing--a TON of messages about referrals coming in. Wow! People are loosely put in groups according to their DTC (dossier to china) dates. So these referrals are coming in for the late August/September DTCs. It seems like most of them waited about 6 months from DTC to referral. If you're interested, you can join any of the newsgroups and keep an eye on topics ranging from "dealing with stress and anxiety" (I think I'll bookmark that one for TubaDad since he'll have to deal with ME) to "should we take a laptop to China" (you mean we don't HAVE to bring a digital camera, video recorder, cell phones, walkie talkies, blackberry/palm?). You can also see all the cute pictures of the kids that people post. The most popular newsgroup is a-parents-china. Anyone can join, you just have to give them a little info about yourself so they know you're not some whacko like Michael Jackson... Love all the emails and comments--keep them coming! Also, we posted a few new links in the sidebar to the right, so check them out.