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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hey Bobby, can you swim this far?

Had lunch with friends in the city and then drove across the Golden Gate bridge to explore the Marin Headlands--it was cool! This was the view, and you can see Alcatraz (the tiny island in the upper left) where Bobby and Jane (my bro & sis in law) will start their triathalon this summer. Hey Bobby--do you realize that you have to swim ALL THE WAY from that tiny spec on the left to the land on the far right??!!

On the adoption front, we got our local police clearances yesterday (just in case the state and federal fingerprint checks had missed that big 'ole rap sheet that TubaDad was hiding). Ok then, NOW can we have a baby? Hey, if anyone's doing a dossier right now, here's a tip (recommended by our local police office): go to your local sheriff's office instead, and do it in person rather than mailing stuff in. No line, no wait, walked out minutes later with the completed clearance letter.

Oh crap, I just asked TubaDad what the next step was so I could share it with you and he said "we go get our shots this week." Now hold on, do we have to do it right now? Maybe if we wait they'll get rid of that rule? Ugh. On the bright side, and this is a HUGE one, the best part about adoption (versus pregnancy) is that every single thing they do to the girl, they also do to the guy. It's awesome! TubaDad keeps that one in his back pocket for when he needs to settle me down. I'll start yipping about something and he calmly says "I have to do it too" and it makes me smile every time.