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Monday, June 6, 2005

Big day

montage_sBeaches, bloggers, and veggies -- that was my Sunday and it was great. Around noon we decided to head out on a last minute trip to Monterey. So we packed up the car, found some (ugly flat) shoes that would work with my ankle brace, and set off on an adventure. Stopped in Morgan Hill for a late lunch on the hunch that we could find a good mexican restaurant and wandered into Sinaloa Cafe. Oh man! Favorite tacos of the month. If you're in town, check them out, you won't be disappointed. After lunch, TubaDad said "hey you should have emailed Stacey Teague to see if she was around today." Dang! Of course I should have. Stacey (fellow adoptive mom and blogger) and I have been emailing for awhile now and I really wanted to meet her the next time we were near Carmel. Figuring it was too late, I sent an urgent email on my blackberry anyhow and we zoomed off. We were poking around Asilomar beach where we got married 2 years ago (pic #1) when Stacey rang my cell. No way! We got directions, stopped at Trader Joe's for some chips and salsa (of course) to bring along, and headed over. It was so fun to meet her and her mom -- it made my week! (pic #2 is us, we don't look like crazy addicted bloggers, do we?) Had a blast visiting and comparing notes on the elusive i-171H, and actually saw the envelope that Stacey's came in (wow, these things really do exist). Very cool. Then off for more beach gazing and a dinner that included, (drum roll please...) FIVE different vegetables (see pic #3). Yes, from now on, please address me as Ms. Healthy. Afterwards I triumphantly said "oh my god that was an entire week's worth of vegetables." And TubaDad tried not to laugh as he said "oh sweetie, that was only one serving." Dang!