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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The eagle has landed!

IMG_0676mIt finally came! The i-171H (advance approval to adopt an orphan) arrived in our mailbox today, 71 days after we submitted our final piece of paper and 130 days (ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY DAYS!!!) after we submitted our application to the INS. But who's counting... IMG_0677mNow TubaDad is furiously shuffling papers and separating them into "make copies," "get notarized," "get certified in Sacramento," and "get authenticated in San Francisco." (Me? Oh, well I'm gleefully blogging and eating this icecream.) We'll run around finishing this stuff up tonight, will beg our friend Maggie to come notarize us, and then TubaDad will be off like a rocket at the crack of dawn tomorrow. Whahoo! Thanks for pulling for us. And thanks to Kim for checking our mailbox and calling to tell us to come straight home instead of going shoe shopping tonight. If you live in our neighborhood and were startled by the shrieking when we opened our mailbox tonight, we apologize. Hee!