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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Holy moly, heads are going to roll

Uh oh. Had a little chocolate-induced incident tonight and need your creative help. Dad came over for dinner tonight. When he walked in I gave him the precious bag containing the last 3 truffles that we somehow managed to save. As I reverently handed him the bag, I said (very slowly and clearly) "Dad, these are the last 3 truffles. It was nearly impossible to save them but we did. There's one for you, one for mom, and one for Marlayna. Make sure they get them." He opened the bag and took out his truffle, and then I made the mistake of turning around to put something in the refrigerator (I can't remember what it was because I was traumatized by what happened next). I turned back around to see him happily tossing what looked like truffle number TWO in his mouth. Hello?! I gasped and grabbed the bag and realized that it was now empty! That's right - in the time it took me to turn around he ate his truffle, freaked out over its chocolately perfection and scarfed down the other two. I was totally shocked. And he was totally unrepentant. Oh my god! I told you those truffles were trouble, and now they're going to be responsible for a rift in my parents' marriage. Mark my words. Here's the sad evidence (crumpled gold package) in the garbage can. --> Anyone have any clever ideas of what he can do to make it up to mom and Marlayna? Because if we don't come up with anything good I think dad's going to be in a world of hurt when they get home from their cruise on Friday and don't find the truffles I promised them.