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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Deep thoughts at the Long's Drugstore last night

TubaDad: "Quick, without looking, how much do you think diapers cost?" Me: "Huh? Oh. For how many? About twenty? I'd say $4.50" TubaDad: "Ok, I'm going to guess $3.50" [We walk jauntily over to the diaper aisle] Me: "Holy crap, they're, like, TWELVE freaking dollars!!! Or more. Oh my god, and this brand is even more expensive. How the hell do they get away with this? It's criminal." TubaDad: [stunned silence] [We stand there awhile, lost in our thoughts then walk slowly away, holding hands. I'm thinking that we might not be as prepared for this child thing as we thought we were, and there's an awful lot we don't know, and I'm thinking that this is a metaphor for other bigger more fundamental surprises that are in store for us. Meanwhile, TubaDad was apparently having his own deep thoughts:] TubaDad: "I should start a poll for how long it will be before Jessica Simpson ends up in Playboy."