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Friday, February 24, 2006

My cousin's, friend's hairdresser knows someone at the CCAA...

I've added a fun new section called Rumor Alert over in the sidebar on the right. Check it out. I'll capture the most scintillating tidbits of (mis)information that float around the internet and post them there so you can see the latest buzz at a glance. The title is also clickable if you want to go read the full text of the rumors (always good for a diversion). If you hear of anything I should add to the Rumor Alert section, well shoot me an email! Rest assured that any information I receive will be kept completely anonymous. No names will EVER be used anywhere at any time. (And I graduated with a degree in journalism, so trust me that I know what it means to protect your sources.) Please remember that no animals were harmed in the production of these rumors, and they should not be taken as fact, gospel, or reason to buy an airplane ticket. They're just rumors that I've heard or read - sometimes laughable, sometimes depressing, sometimes right on the money, usually interesting, and usually indicative that something big is about to happen. Happy reading!