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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Focusing on things I *can* control: American Idol

Ok, so I can't really control it, but it feels like I can if I talk loudly enough to the tv while the contestants are singing (yeah I'm sure TubaDad loves that). So we watched it last night and I'll be danged if I can pick the bottom three this time. There were just so many cringe-worthy performances. (Please note that these critiques come from a place of love, heh, and also are from someone who is, according to the professional musician I live with, completely tone deaf.) If you don't watch AI, just skip to the last paragraph, there's something in it for all of you. Let's see, to start with the positive, my top three:
  • Taylor did a good job of singing a plain, straight song. One of the judges didn't like it (can't remember who) but I thought it was solid and was glad to see him leave the cheesy Vegas-act moves behind. (It's redundant to say "cheesy" and "Vegas-act" isn't it?)
  • Chris got bashed by the judges but I thought his performance was hilariously entertaining. I was sitting there the whole time laughing at the idea that he's probably the only head-banger they've ever seen on Idol. I think he'll tone it down next week and blow everybody away. (I hope)
  • Little Paris really busted a move, IMHO. She's young and tiny, but she sure knows how to perform on a stage.
My bottom three:
  • Pickler. Ugh. The wide-eyed bambi hick thing is not cute anymore. Simon put it best when he incredulously said "Out of thousands and thousands of songs you picked 'Suds in a Bucket?!'" Nuff said.
  • Lisa. She can sing, it's just that I fall asleep, or go try to teach the cats to jump through a hoop (more on that later), or pester TubaDad to forage for snacks, or do anything other than listen raptly to her. Yawn.
  • Hm, hard to pick the third one from so many options... Maybe Ace? Greasy, lank hair, and too affected for me.
A huge thank you... So there you have it, my completely biased opinion on AI. Can you believe that's what I give you after all the incredible messages of support you sent last week? Well that's not it, there's also this: thank you from the bottom of my heart (and the top, middle, and sides too) for every single blog comment, email, and phone call! This adoption process is a seemingly never-ending series of giddy highs and painful lows, and you guys were all there propping me up at my lowest point. Hillary Clinton said "it takes a village" to raise a child, and I think it takes a village to make it through an adoption. I am so thankful you're all in my village.