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Friday, March 24, 2006

It's getting crowded in the matching room...

The CCAA has updated its web site with the information that they have completed review of the August LIDs (the entire month). This means that, as far as I can tell, May 31, June, July, and August dossiers are all hanging out together in the matching room. Palling around, telling nervous jokes, and hoping no one picks on them (or spills a drink, gasp). That's a whole lotta dossiers jostling in one tiny little line behind the Matching King's chair, isn't it? I'm just kidding, sort of. I don't really think all those dossiers are floating around waiting to be done. I assume (Theory #1) that if they're starting on August now that maybe they're done matching through the end of July? The flaw with that theory is that we have no guarantee that the Matching Room King works at the same pace as the Review Room Queen, right? And even worse, if they do work at the same pace, a sobering thought comes to mind: there are families and babies (hundreds of them, including us) who have already been matched but don't know it. Babies living in orphanages getting older and older, and someone or something is just waiting and waiting for some reason to announce the information about their new families and move the process forward. This theory really disturbs me, and I feel uncomfortable thinking about it. I hope it's not the case. Maybe instead (Theory #2), the Review Room Queen is a slap-hazard "grab and stamp" gal while the Matching Room King is a super perfectionist, painstakingly examining each word for hours while the dossiers pile up, and up, and up in an amazing towering pile behind his chair. If that's true, then the CCAA web site statement about dossiers finishing in the review room doesn't mean anything more than that the dossiers are STILL in line (just a line with a different name). But you know what? That's better, because it means that matches don't happen until just before referrals come out. And maybe, just maybe, it means that as soon as a baby is "paper ready" she is matched with one of the parents at the head of the line and barely has to wait any time at all before meeting them and being loved. I hope that Theory #2 is the reality and the review room just works way faster than the matching room. 'Course that means I'm still standing in a huge line, even longer than the bathroom line at an Ikea opening, but you know what? I hope it's true, because the alternative makes me cry.