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Monday, April 3, 2006

And you thought all I did was watch trash tv...

Just a quick note to say thanks to Jen, Gen, and Lisa for inviting me to a fun night on the town. For anyone reading this, we were a sight to see in our stilettos and sequined halter tops! Oh man, I couldn't even keep a straight face while typing that. Ok I was just kidding, and I can't speak for the other girls but the only way you're going to see me in a sequined halter top is if you drape it over my body while I'm asleep then take a quick snapshot and run for your life. Heh. Here's proof that no one wore glitter clothes - - - > If you look closely you'll see we're holding up these awesome kid costumes that Jen found and there's also a little shot of this gut-bustingly funny book that Gen brought called "New Parent Apology Cards." It was such a fun night - there's just nothing like spending time with great girlfriends (and good food and wine never hurts either). I didn't completely abandon TubaDad this weekend, we spent a lot of time in the office assembling a big, extra-tall shelving unit. We finally decided we're never going to take the plunge on built-ins (a little soul searching revealed that I'm too cheap and indecisive) and went to Ikea and bought out the storage aisle. Here's a quick before and after - not too bad! (Check out the close-up on TubaDad's custom double baseboard notches. I think he earned his master's degree in Ikea this weekend.) We also had a rockin' good time with good friends Claire and Eric at a fancy-schmancy dinner. Claire and I ran to the restroom at one point and were dying laughing over the fun little toiletries in there. Of course we tried everything and then accosted some poor lady on her way in and forced her to take our picture. For the record, the cucumber melon cologne was our fave. I'm almost afraid to ask, but what's the funniest thing you've ever seen in a restroom?

*Updated Apr 4 to add link to TubaDad's custom baseboard notching job