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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What do you mean taxes are due on April 15th this year?!!

Whoops, did the tax deadline sneak up on anyone else? We usually get everything done wayyyyy in advance, heck we even have time to double-check things, complain to everyone we know, and stock up on chocolate and margaritas to ease the pain before writing the Big Check. Not this year. We were blithely enjoying ourselves when suddenly we realized that taxes were due in a few days and we hadn't even started. We looked like those cartoon people with jagged word bubbles over their heads saying "Doh!!!" So today, I am Miss Data Entry. Whooeee, try not to envy me too much. My desk is covered with sticky notes because the data you have and the data they ask for are apparently in two different languages (and I don't speak either one). Poor TubaDad patiently endured 200 (inane) questions while I painstakingly took notes on 7 (yes seven!) purple post its. In case anyone else is slogging through this right now, here's my cheat sheet:
  • "# of shares sold" = "quantity" from 1099
  • "market price" = "value basis" from company sheet
  • "total proceeds" = "gross proceeds" from 1099
  • "price pd per share" = "price/tax basis" from company sheet
  • "commissions" = "SEC fee" + "transaction fee" from 1099
I am not even kidding. Here (primarily for my amusement) is a picture of my desk right now. Note the frenetic line of sticky notes, the soothing hand lotion, and the ever-present feline cheerleader. Ok, off to go enter some more data. Wish me luck! And if anyone knows a good IRS joke, please leave it in the comments section. It's going to be a long day, and I sure could use a laugh right about now.