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Monday, May 29, 2006

Don't pay any attention to the aches and pains, just pretend you're athletic

See Bobby, we do use our bike racks every once in a while, aren't you proud?! It was such a beautiful day that we (literally) dusted off our bikes and went for a little ride. I should confess that today was the maiden voyage of my new bike shorts, gloves, and helmet, so it wasn't too hard for TubaDad to convince me to go. (Nothing like fun new gear to make you forget that you're exercising!) My bike probably isn't quite up to competitive standards, by the way. It's a cheapo Sportmart bike, kind of a cute red color, with handy kickstand and bell. I'm guessing Liz and Jane wouldn't be caught dead on it? Oh well I don't care, I love it -- all 300 pounds of it. Heh. For the real athletes out there, do the palms of your hands normally hurt after biking or am I doing something wrong? Psst, speaking of wrong, is it bad that I find this book so funny? TubaDad and I were browsing around in a bookstore yesterday and I nearly died laughing when I saw it (the really ugly snort laughing, it wasn't pretty). I had to get it, of course. You just know it will come in handy some day. (Sorry honey. Snort.)