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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Life is short -- eat a damn donut!

Although we're by NO means health nuts, we do usually* have a pretty benign breakfast. But today was an exception. According to our timer it's been 500 days since we started this adoption process and by golly we weren't going to let that miserable auspicious number go past without giving it the bird honoring it. So I woke up at the crack of dawn (ok, ok, it was more like 8am), snuck out of the house, and got supplies for a perfect breakfast in bed to wake up TubaDad with. He was pretty happy to see this tray when he opened his eyes ---} Then it was off to 2-year-old William's fun bday in the park, home for a quick nap (me) and a little golf (TubaDad), then out to a fancy pants celebratory dinner. Ahhh, a good day afterall. Take THAT 500 days - you can't beat us down! * I realized as I was typing this that brownies for breakfast would also fall into the "not so good for you" category, wouldn't they? Oh, and I guess Christmas cookies for breakfast would too, right? Oh well, whatever. So we eat crap for breakfast, it's not like we lied on an adoption form by checking the box saying "always eats healthy food" or anything like that.