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Friday, October 27, 2006

Make way for the wrecking crew!

Well it's 10pm and the girls are both asleep and there was no screaming tonight - NO screaming! OMG, I can barely type I'm so grateful. We're going to take a few minutes to clean up the room (again) and then it's off to bed. We cleaned the room already about 15 times today, but when you're living with the tiny twin wrecking crew, the chaos and carnage are quick and stunning.

Earlier this afternoon the girls were looking for a little fun and excitement so we walked across the hall to Wela and Grandpa's room, completely destroyed it in a matter of minutes, cleaned them out of crackers and bananas, then walked back to our room, leaving clothes, shoes, crumbs, and toys in our wake. Good gawd. Oh, and dad laughed his butt off at us when the first thing we talked about was poop. How humiliating...

Wuhan is a wonderful city and we're seeing more of it every day. The bustling tiny shops, friendly people, beautiful parks, and exotic flavor of the city are just so cool. Today we strolled along the Yangtze River park. The Yangtze!!! We were mobbed by enthusiastic crowds everywhere we went and they were so excited about the twins and so friendly that it was just plain fun. My favorites were the teenage girls who would practically jump up and down when they heard us say the girls were "Xiao Shuang" and "Da Shuang" (little twin and big twin).

Friendly mob scene at the Yangtze River Park.

Dad filled up a water bottle for us with Yangtze River water (man I hope the airline security doesn't try to make us take a sip to prove it's water).

The girls are feeling more comfortable by the minute. They laughed and smiled and played on the couch and bed today next to us, which is HUGE. I know it doesn't sound like much but this was the first time we could actually sit down. I almost cried with joy.

They're just killing us with their funny little personalities and wild antics. Pa recorded them today in The Great Cracker War of 2006 (also known as "The Saltine Smackdown"). When we get home and the internet connections are working again I'll post it. You can hear us just screaming with laughter as TubaDad holds both girls and they battle it out over their crackers. You'll witness brutality, laughter, cunning switcheroos, wild teasing, and behind-the-head artistry. They're just hilarious.
Ree is in the pink top and brown pants, Ro is in the brown dress.

TubaDad and I didn't have any dinner tonight but the girls sure did. In fact they chowed down 3 huge meals today with gusto -- smacking the table, grunting and leaning if we stopped to chat, using their spoons as tools to sweep everything on the table close to them, and keeping both grandmas chopping and passing food as fast as they could. When we come in and sit down at the table it's like we're in a race to see how fast we can pass them food. And god forbid we slow down or give one something the other isn't getting.
Ro whaps mama in the face with a spoon and crows with delight

Ree is downright smug about having her feet on the table.

Well we're off to bed, tomorrow is fast approaching and we need to be on our toes. Can't wait to see what the girls will do next.