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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Uh oh, I think we broke our toddlers

Hopped in the car tonight to head out for a quick bite to eat (god forbid I cook twice in one week), and the girls fell asleep as we were pulling out of the driveway. Oops. I guess it was a pretty busy day upon reflection. Let's see, we woke up early, as usual, and took the girls to Gymboree where they got to see some of their new friends (squeal) and play their little butts off. Then we strapped them into the van and burned rubber up to the Discovery Museum to meet up with some cool friends. (Don't worry, we still made time to grab some donuts and let the girls catch a few winks in the parking lot.) Red Dragon photoWe all had a ball hanging out with twins Heike & Sarah and family, Gwen & Maddy and family, Charlie and family, and Helen and family. What fun - thanks to Mrs D for inviting us! Here's a quick shot of all the kids (minus Helen who was just too blazingly fast to capture on film) posing on the red dragon. Please note that I shamelessly "borrowed" this photo from Donna since my own photo was blurry, crooked, and cut off half of Ree's body. How embarrassing. Chaos at the sand table (Discovery Museum)Here are most of the kiddos enjoying the heck out of the sand table. Our girls only ate a few handfuls this time (hey - progress!), and the rest of the kids were such a blur of motion that it's a miracle I got even this many of them in the shot. Clockwise from the top left, you're looking at one of the twins (I think it's Heike?), then Maddy, Ree, Ro, some stranger (who let them in here?), Gwen, another stranger, and Charlie. And yes, you can see with my superior photographer skillz I was able to snap a picture where not one single child was actually looking. Nice... Ro and Ree got completely, blissfully soaked in the water area. I didn't even know they had this place in the museum, but Chris hooked us up and the girls will be forever grateful. (It smelled like wet dog in our car on the way home, but that should go away in a few days, right?) Ree splashes water in Ro's face at the Discovery Museum Ro really dug this water hurricane/ball toss thingamajig at the Discovery Museum The girls were so wound up after the museum that they had to work off a little steam in the backyard when we got home. Then, to top it off, they had crib pillowfights instead of taking an afternoon nap. Sheesh. Oh, and lastly, here are Ro and Ree, squeezing their adorable heineys into small places. Disclaimer: these pictures have nothing to do with this post. But damn, they're cute. What do mean the cradle is too small for the 4 of us?! Mama, we're so glad you bought new shoes so we could have the box Tomorrow is Chinese New Year - what will you be doing for it? We'll probably lay low since we broke our toddlers today, but we'll still honor the beautiful culture and country in our hearts. To all of our friends and family, near and far, we wish you a Happy New Year.