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Sunday, June 10, 2007

I heart my sister

I've been observing the girls in a new light since our airline (mis)adventure, and they truly do pal around and amuse the heck out of each other all the time. They fight over toys, like any normal kiddos, but in general they just crack each other up. You'd think we would have known that separating them on the airplane was a baaaaaaaad idea, but oh well. We're tired. Is that a good enough excuse? Heh. Anyhow, my awesome little bro and sis-in-law are in town visiting, so it's go, go, go. No time for a big blog post, just a quick photo essay of snaps I took in the past week of the girls enjoying each other. I call it "I heart my sister." Click on the image below to see all the captioned pics (there are two pages, so click "next" at the bottom of the first page). or you can click here to see them all in a non-captioned slideshow. Cheers! Now go give your sister or brother a hug (or a call). I'm going to give mine a big bone-crushing hug right now. PS: The 3 females in the Salsa House are sick and snotty and going through boxes of Kleenex like we own stock in the company or something. We haven't infected TubaDad (yet). Please send soothing cold-free thoughts into the universe for us all.