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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Oh my gosh there's a pagoda in our backyard!

These smiles say it all don't they? (click either collage to enlarge) Holy moly, "The House that BobBob Built" is awesome! It has a main house and attached tower (both light tan with dark tan trim and curved roofs), a bright red lattice front door, an enticing smaller secret back door, two stories with a ladder in the tower, built-in kitchen shelves, a bench for Mama, beautiful white lattice shutters, yellow scrolls on the corners of the main pagoda, and fun yellow chinese zodiac animals on the corners of the tower. The girls are SO STYLIN'! Now we just have to pick the final location and move some sprinkler heads to accommodate it, and my folks are still finishing up some yellow lattice shutters for the tower, a mailbox and door knocker, and a red flag for the top of the tower. We haven't finalized what to write on the flag yet, any ideas? Many, many thanks to Grambob (BobBob to the girls) and his right-hand man Wela -- you guys really outdid yourselves on this incredible playhouse for Ro and Ree. And thanks to the fearless moving crew Janet & Rich, Ray, and John & Judy who got that playhouse out of the trailer, over our fence without a scratch, and set up within minutes so the girls could start playing their little hearts out. Now who wants to come over for a tea party in the pagoda? (PS: Ro in the one in pink shoes and Ree is wearing her white Keds and then her green rainboots)