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Saturday, November 17, 2007

What the heck do they do all day?

Curious what a "normal" day looks like at our house? Well Shanny over at Bless Your Heart asked everyone to take a photo every hour or so to document the day. So TubaDad and I are doing our best -- two two-year-olds and two tired adults with faulty memories makes it tough... We should have taken a picture at 5:30am when the girls woke up (for the first time) yelling and ready to start the day. But hm, we didn't think of it, go figure. You can see the day's pics all on one page, or in a slideshow (click "i" on the first slide to turn on captions), or click individual pics below to enlarge. 7:00am: TubaDad already had them up and splashing in the bath by the time I staggered in 8:15am: Breakfast of yogurt, nani, cheerios, and milk 9:15am: Tracing the Nannies with crayons 10:15am: Daredevil jumping in Gymboree class 12:58pm: asleep almost before we pulled out of the parking lot 1:30pm: Ahhhhh, successfully carried the sleeping kids upstairs '2:30pm: 3:20pm: Ro doesn't miss Ree at all ("Ree no take peenk phone!") 4:30pm: Ree wouldn't get in the car until we took her pic with Yellow Nanni '4:58pm: 6:30pm: It was so crowded it took us 15 minutes to get OUT of the parking garage 7:35pm: The kids are in bed and silent! Xena & I are already yawning. 8:30pm: TubaDad attempts AGAIN to get #$&! Vista to work (:05pm: Putting the cats to bed and calling it a night Have a great weekend!