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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day (or Happy Mama's Day as we say around here) ***

Sending our love to everyone and wishing you a special day full of whatever makes you smile the most.

So far I got to read a book while the girls and TubaDad prepared breakfast, then was treated to boisterous sticky kiddo hugs and breakfast in bed. It was a feast with all my faves -- Donettes, coffee (it got spilled all over the bed but hey that's what washing machines are for), really crunchy seedy toast, and berries. Awesome. Actually the girls ate most of the berries, but I did get one and it was great.

Then the girls opened all of my presents, saying "Yook Mama!!" for each one, and now I'm going to head into the living room and get more hugs. A great day so far.

(The above pics were taken on Friday as we were heading out to the preschool Mother's Day party. So fun! I've posted a few more pics of the weekend, including some recent ones of the girls' food because it's always about the food.

View the thumbnails, all pics on one page, or a slideshow.)

*** Update, just when you thought it couldn't get any better: We didn't make lunch reservations -- we never think that far ahead -- so every place we tried had a line out the door. Luckily for TubaDad I thought it was funny when we drove by a Taco Bell and he said excitedly "Hey Taco Bell isn't crowded!" So yeah, that's where we ended up having our Mother's Day lunch. Seriously. I added a few pics of the event, you can see them at the links above.