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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is it just me or does Leroy look a little, I don't know, trashy?

The girls had their first Build-a-Bear experience on Monday and absolutely loved it. I thought the whole ritual would take a long time, but they hustle you in and out of there pretty quick. Fastest dang 80 bucks I've ever spent, to be honest. That's ok though, Ro is beyond thrilled with her bunny Sweetiepie and Ree thinks pink poodle Leroy is just divine, tight little jean shorts and all. (They chose the names and the outfits, not me, in case that wasn't obvious.) If you haven't been to Build-a-Bear, it's a pretty cute concept (wish I'd thought of it). Each kiddo picks out an unstuffed animal from maybe 20 or 25 choices, chooses a soundbox (both Ro and Ree liked the "I love you" noise), then they put in some little stuffed hearts (the saleslady made me grin when she had each girl pick 2 hearts, kiss them, and then put one in her own animal and one in her sister's animal -- come on, that's just adorable!). Anyhow, then the kids get to hold down the sewing-machine-like pedal to stuff the animals, take them to the "bathtub," name them, and choose from a dazzling array of outfits and shoes. The outfits, soundboxes, and accessories are where they get you, by the way. If you could get out of there without adding anything, a plain old animal would only run you 20 dollars. Although if we'd done that we wouldn't have woken up this morning to hear Sweetiepie saying "I love you I love you I love you" on the baby monitor and Ro answering "I wub ooo!" ~~~ As a total aside, the girls and I are still having fun with the little bento boxes, silicone cups, and food picks. Here are a couple of recent concoctions. (No real cooking involved, as usual. Maybe next week. Ha, or not...).