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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Oh boy, oh boy, we get our own glasses!

Ro and Ree each finished a row on their "good listening" sticker charts yesterday, which meant prizes all around (a big glass of Sangria for me, enchiladas for TubaDad, and little toys for the girls). They always relish getting "someping peh-shull," no matter how small it is, but this week was REALLY exciting. I had ordered a bunch of these costume reading glasses (since Ree steals my expensive real ones every chance she gets) and they got to pick whichever color they wanted. Squeal!! Ro is in the pink ones, and Ree is in the red ones, aren't they just the smuggest little cutie pies? They pranced around, pushed the glasses up on their foreheads ("just yike Daddy"), hooked them into their shirts ("just yike Mama"), and generally thought these glasses were the cat's meow. Here are those pics and a few more from the past week, including what they had for lunch yesterday if anyone's dying to know, hehe: (View the pics all on one page or watch the slideshow) Any other good ideas for little prizes? I usually just paw through the dollar bins at Target, but after the girls' exemplary "eyes on the prize" behavior the last couple of days I'm thinking it would behoove me to get creative more often. PS: We hand out stickers for their charts any time we catch the girls being good, and every fifth sticker means they get a little prize. We don't always give them stickers at the same time but I do subtly manipulate things to make sure they always end up getting the final stickers/prizes at the same time. Cuts down on brawling...