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Friday, June 27, 2008

Non-stop motion and non-stop talking

Our girls don't recite the ABCs, can't count to 10, and can only sing a verse or two of their favorite songs. Is that odd? I'm not chewing-my-fingernails worried, not even close, believe me, it's just that I read all of these blogs where their toddlers are doing all of these things (or have been doing them for awhile) and it makes me curious. The girls are talking up a storm, so it's not a language development thing. They pretty much start talking when they wake up, and don't stop until they've passed out in bed, frequently in mid-sentence. They talk at the same time, louder and louder, usually about completely different things, which makes it really challenging (and hilarious) to follow both conversations. Ro just learned to throw her little hand in front of Ree's face and say "No! You not talk now. I talking!" Sometimes Ree is surprised enough that it actually works. Heh! Anyhow, like I said, I'm just wondering out loud here, probably every mom does. Might go Google "toddler milestones" or something like that right now just to see what other folks say. Or maybe not... In the meantime, here are a few pics of our go-go-go girls: (View the thumbnails, details, or slideshow) The ones against the red family-room wall (where the girls had climbed up on our coffee table) really make me smile, but I like them all, gee big surprise, huh? If I had to pick, my fave four are: - Holding the babydolls hostage with the water pistol - Ree sits on the horse "reading" us a story (the story she told is in the photo caption) - Ro covers her face with the fireman's hat - Making such classic Ree and Ro faces By the way, my mom made the little sock monkey jumpers for the girls almost a year ago, here's the original pic back in August, they used to come down below their knees.