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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Everything hurts, do not, under any circumstances, make me laugh

Well I've lost six pounds in two days. No need to explain why, is there? It was almost inevitable that the evil pestilence would get me eventually... No energy to blog much right now, but here is one cute pic from yesterday morning. My folks came over to watch the girls and I was lying miserably in bed when the eerie silence freaked me out. I dragged my achy body downstairs to find out if there had been an abduction or something. And this is what I saw:

Ok that's funny. The bookend-like pose of the passed out kids, the now omni-present bucket, and especially the fact that my poor trapped parents are holding hands, it all just cracked me up... Ouch! I had given my folks strict instructions this morning not to make me laugh and look what they went and did.

PS: The girls are finally feeling a tiny bit better today (fingers crossed that they stay that way). I'm thinking I'll be better by tomorrow. And TubaDad is working from a local Starbucks because he got kind of a mild case of this but it was enough for his smart coworkers to ban him from the office.