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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Can I ask a totally non-pc question?

How on earth do those female gymnasts avoid getting wedgies during those flips, turns, splits and other mind-blowing gyrations? I'm just curious because those outfits always seem to stay right in place and I swear I get wedgies just sitting on the couch watching the gymnastics. Ok, that was way too much information, I know, my apologies. To distract from it, here are some pictures of the littlest sports enthusiasts in our house, wearing the Olympic hats that my folks bought in Beijing on our China trip of 2006. Ree is in the black and Ro is in the red. My folks bought these hats on our 2006 China trip Ree always always always wears her hats backwards Ro has a unique hat-wearing style Beautiful smiles from the little fashionistas Ok, that's better. A few more pics from the day are here. PS: Was watching the Olympics tonight and saw the notice that the opening ceremony is now available on dvd at nbcolympics.com. Yes!! I haven't looked at the site yet, because I don't want to see any results spoilers. Now the only question is how many to order. Update: Finally finished our recorded Olympics and visited the nbcolympics.com site, and here's the specific page for ordering the DVDs. Hooray!