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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Have you tried a glass of Sparkly Spider recently?

The girls simply could not believe their luck when we broke out the sparkling cider and let them drink their fill. They thought we were being so nice, but really we just couldn't resist hearing them call it "sparkly spider" over and over. Bwah ha! (Ree is in the orange pants and Ro is in the striped ones.) Mmmm, that is good stuff. It's a long video, sorry. But I've crashed two computers and blown up my Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere software already twice today. So this video is just not getting edited. Oh well, pour yourself a glass of your favorite bubbly, put your feet up, and enjoy. I particularly like the end of the clip where the girls demonstrate their newly acquired joke skills. Oh and I also like how Ree casually slips into the splits while Rosie effortlessly holds her trademark squat position. Cute, and vastly more flexible than my creaky forty-year-old bod, which visibly shook the camera when I tried to ease down onto the floor for a better angle. Hey at least I didn't groan.