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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Naptime" is now said with air quotes, sadly

I think Ro is in the process of giving up her daily nap, much to my immense chagrin... She skipped her nap three times in the last week. Little Ree is still blissfully snoozing away for about two hours in the middle of each day, but her sister sings goofball songs, tells elaborate stories to her stuffed monkey, traipses back and forth to the bathroom, and lately has done anything but nap. Oh well, we'll see what happens.

A couple of recent funnies that I want to remember:
- At one point this afternoon, I peeked into Ree's room through the video monitor and saw an empty bed. !!! I freaked out for a second and then saw her in the bottom of the picture. Funny girl. She had made a bed on the floor for herself and her stuffed friends.

Ree nearly gave me a heartattack when I saw the empty bed

- After Ro had given up pretending to nap today and come downstairs she fessed up "I sleeped with Ree a couple of minutes, she not wake up though." For heaven's sake! So that explains the slamming doors I heard over the baby monitors. I can't believe her sister didn't wake up, that girl is about as subtle as a mack truck.

- We had breakfast for dinner last night -- eggs and bacon for TubaDad and I, and waffles piled high with whipped cream and gooey fruit syrup for the girls. I thought they understood what they were getting, but on the way out of the restaurant I heard them say to each other "Mmmmmm, that was GOOD pie!" Hee.

Here are a few pics from the last couple days, some of the girls getting ready for Christmas, hanging out looking cute today, and making Peanut Butter Cup Tarts:

(thumbnails, detail, or slideshow)

And here's a little video taken today while the girls were amusing themselves, as they frequently do, with some boisterous "singing." Oops, there are those air quotes again, heh heh. They were playing with the little latch button on the cedar chest, pretending it was a tuner. It's kind of a long video, so maybe it's a good one to watch after you're in a turkey coma tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Note: My D300 just returned from the repair shop, by the way, so some of the pics are taken with that camera. But it's still having big problems even though Nikon says it's A-OK. I'm so frustrated.


  1. Anonymous11/26/2008

    They play so well together. It is amazing how they wrangle ideas around until they find one they agree on. Usually one person tends to lead and the other follows but not with these little ladies.
    You are such an amazing mom.


  2. Anonymous11/26/2008

    Two questions:

    1. Why don't they just give you a brand new camera?

    2. Did you find your cat?

    Happy Thanksgiving

  3. Thank you for sharing video of your little girls.
    And you were worry that they couldn't sing the ABC song! They sound so cute and not singing together makes the song even sweeter. Were they saying "instruments" on the second song? I love that green and pink dress it's still my favorite, they look so cute in them.
    Sorry to hear about Ro not wanting to take her naps. Emma is still taking hers and in much need of them if she skips one but when the time comes to give them up which I hope is at 6 years old I plan to still give her some "quiet time."
    Are you going out shopping on Friday?
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Guess the girls instinctively knew their sleep patterns would be different, which is why they chose to have separate rooms so long ago. Good thing, too, or you'd be having them both awake right now.


  5. I've thought about Mango everyday since you posted that he was missing. I need to know if you've found him. I'm worried.

  6. Totally adorable that's all I can say!

    Loved the video although they kinda lost me after the ABC song. Tried hard to understand but didn't feel so bad when mamma asked for interpretation towards the end. SO CUTE!!! Miss you like crazy!

    Can't believe how big they're getting! Is Ree a little taller than Ro or is it just the pic?

    No nap???? Oh no!!!!

    Love, hugs and smooches for all. Happy Thanksgiving!! Can ya have some turkey for Cafrin? Our next turkey feast isn't until Christmas.


  7. That video is SO stinkin' cute! Good luck getting the "naps" back.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  8. Well as a last ditch effort to get some down time for your self what about calling it "rest time" and she still has to stay in her room and play "quietly"? I'm still hoping my son will be one of the kids that comes home from AM kindergarden and need a nap in a few years!

    I can't believe how grown up the girls seem now! I was watching something on utube the other day and somehow came across your referral video saw their baby pictures again. I just can't believe the baby look is almost all gone from their sweet little faces! I love the pony tail look too. So sweet and grown up! Their hair is getting so long!!!

    Happy Birthday-Giving as my son says!

  9. Your girls are so cute! Hope you all have a Happy Turkey Day!

  10. Hi guys, hope everyone is having a happy Thanksgiving.

    To everyone who asked (and keeps asking, you are all so sweet), Mango is still missing. No sign of him, although I have had a few calls from the posters we put around the neighborhood.

    Anon: I don't know why the heck Nikon won't just give us a new camera. We're still under warranty and extremely unhappy. They keep claiming the camera is fine and sending it back. We turn it on, try it, and it still sucks. It has completely lost the ability to take low-light non-flash pictures. I have a nagging feeling that Canon would have either fixed something or given us a replacement by now.

    Mexican chopsticks: Yes I think they were singing about instruments in one of those songs (probably because we have a bunch of instruments hanging on the wall right above where they were sitting), and maybe pretty princesses in another song, but man I couldn't figure out some of the others...

  11. Happy Canon User11/27/2008

    Well, if you look to cross to the dark side a Canon Xsi or a 50D would be a lovely choice. :) (I have a 40D) I also love my G9 Point and Shoot by them!

    Love the pics and stories!!

  12. Anonymous11/27/2008

    adorable twins

  13. Anonymous11/27/2008

    can you share the recipe for the peanut butter cup tarts? they look yummy and easy!

    love your blog!

  14. Oh dear me. I LOVE the ABC song. What do they have against IJK and L? LOL! One of them can really sing on tune!

  15. They are very intertaining!

  16. Oh my goodness!! I'm just giggle, here! The are so so cute!!! I love the way the constantly talk to each other, and aren't put off by each other's talking/singing - they just keep going!!! Hilarious!

    I was looking at cameras today... think I'll steer clear of the Nikon?!!

    PS Mikayla didn't nap after 18 months of age! Harry would still have a 2 hr nap today, if I let him (he's 7 now!!!)

  17. Anonymous11/28/2008

    I don't understand this focus thing with your camera. I have a D300 also and it focuses fine with every lens that I have. I thought Nikon's policy was three times in and they replace it. I'm sorry you got a lemon because I love mine and would never trade it for a Canon. If I remember right you belong to a users group...what do they say about it?

    Your girls are quite precious and love seeing their photos. They must keep you quite busy!

  18. Anonymous11/28/2008

    yeah, please do post the receipe for peanut butter tart. Thanks!

  19. OMG that was so funny. I love how they communicate with each other. The singing was spectacular.

  20. Okay- when did your babies become kids?

  21. Your girls are beautiful and so funny! I hope the nap times get better or you can adjust. One way or another. :-)

  22. Your babies are fast morphing into kids!!! Ack!!!

    And I'm sorry about the naps. No words can adequately express my sympathy. And will you kill me if I tell you that Canuck K's twins Cinnamon and Spice still nap every day... sometimes for three hours a day... and they still fall asleep by eight... and they are five years old? Yeah - I thought you might.