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Monday, December 15, 2008

Warning: our gingerbread house candies are pre-licked before use

Ready to go to town on those gingerbread houses, thanks to the cutest aprons in the world from Wela (she got them at Sur La Table in case you need one): Cutest aprons in the world -- thanks Wela!! Ro left, Ree right. Here are the rest of the pics from what the girls call "gingerman house" making. (thumbnails, captioned pics, captioned slideshow if you click "show info" at the top) Notice that Ro is wearing her fave pink Mary Janes in most of the pics. She loves those new shoes so much that she has worn them for the last seven days and takes them to bed every night along with Monkey and whichever babydoll is being honored that evening (I'm not even kidding, see here). No satisfaction on the TubaNut search yet. We've tried all of the suggestions so far (thank you for each one!!) and have also asked the girls to describe it more and also draw it (that one was a laughable failure). I carry my little purse camera everywhere thinking we're going to have a "Eureka this is IT!" moment. But it hasn't happened yet. We've now ruled out every candy in the sweet shop (including Runts, M&Ms, all manner of chewie fruit-colored stuff, pink gum that you roll out, and Nerds), they couldn't find it in the candy/toy/nut sections at Target, and we've also run through the grocery store with them trying in vain to keep them from pulling interesting things off the shelves. We'll keep trying, but it's not looking good...


  1. Are those See Kai Run shoes? I love those shoes...

    Ree and Ro are adorable and we have so much fun watching the video clips and pictures of them.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous12/15/2008

    It is non caloric candy--a fantasy.

  3. Anonymous12/15/2008

    Do you think maybe tubanuts has something to do with tubadad? Maybe he gave them something once and has forgotten all about it

  4. Love the pictures, especially the one of one sister trying to carry the other. Maybe Mary Joyce trying to carry around her baby sister (who only weighs about 6 or 7 pounds less, despite the 20 month age difference) isn't quite so bad. :-)

  5. Mmmm...pre-licked candies. What a great idea. Bet they stick so much better that way!

    Those aprons are a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!! Great job Wela!!

    Is it just me or is Ro's hair getting a little longer than Ree's? It looks so long in that first pic but it could just be the way her head is back.

    They're growing up so quickly and cuter every day!

    Good luck in figuring out the tubanuts. Sure hope you're able to figure it out soon although I'm sure all the Christmas morning fun will cause them to quickly forget about tubanuts...we hope!

  6. The aprons are absolutely adorable.....so are the girls wearing them:)

    Looks like a lot of fun was had building and licking all the candy!!

    I can't wait to see what the Tuba nuts really are....this is quite the mystery...they have everyone stumped!!

  7. Those aprons are so caute!!! Em wants one! :)

    I suggest buying the real Tub-A-Nuts package for Christmas and when it isn't it, you can say Santa must have been confused b/c it says Tubanuts on the package! Of course they can't read, but....

    Good luck! I really hope you find it!!

  8. Maybe it doesn't exist. Kids often have fictional items, which are abstract and they themselves dont know what it is, how to describe it, where to find it....
    I think that if it would exist you'd find it by now...??
    Molly, BC

  9. Now, is it a TubaNut in the sense that they're mispronouncing it, or is it a TubaNut in the sense that they of course know what tubas are and it reminds them of tubas?

    For some reason I thought of those little swirly mints they give you at restaurants when they bring the check.

  10. Also, in the original video, it sounds like Rose said it was an Easter candy? Maybe you can't find them because they're seasonal?

  11. Anonymous12/15/2008

    Hmm...Have you trued candydirect.com ? They have candy for sale and sorted by shape or color or size or texture. You name it they have it. I saw rope nerds which are kind of these long ropes of nerds stuck together. Can either of the girls tell you if tuba-nuts are sweet or salty or sour?


  12. Anonymous12/15/2008

    We have got to figure out this tuba nut thing. It is making me crazy :)

    Kelly in NC

  13. Love the aprons! At least you have this blog to prove to them that you really did try to find tubanuts.


  14. Anonymous12/15/2008

    How about those salted nut rolls? Have they ever had those? Peanuts on the outside and some kind of chewy marshmallow-y stuff in the middle?

  15. Anonymous12/15/2008

    Have you tried corn nuts? The package is kind of tube like...

  16. Man those girls are TOO CUTE in those little aprons!

  17. I haven't read all the suggestions, but have you asked where they heard of them? My daughter brings lots of "interesting" things home from preschool. I often have to ask the teacher what she is talking about and then can get a clue.

  18. I now believe the girls are much smarter than I originally thought. (Not that I ever thought they were dim, mind you.) I now believe they plotted and planned, invented the word "tubanuts" and then sat back to watch the chaos. It's totally diabolical. It's totally clever. It's... it's... it's totally something twinadoes would do.

  19. I think it's time for the "Tragically, Santa's TubaNut machine broke this year. What else do you want?" line. :)

  20. Do you ever take the girls to the drugstore? I was just there the other night and they had a section of candy that had funky names like root beer bottles. Maybe there is something there they saw. Or did someone bring something into to school recently that were "Tuba Nuts"? Good Luck!

  21. Those aprons are adorable, what a lovely gift!

    The hunt for tubanuts is really intriguing...

    Have you tried to show them the Play-Doh products? There's one Play-Doh toy called Super Tools Confetti Maker. Maybe, by mistake, they thought they were candy?


  22. I was shopping at Walmart the other night with a friend and I kept walking up and down the candy isle...my friend said "what are you looking for?"

    "Tubanuts of course!!"

    Hope you can solve the mystery so we can all stop looking ~ LOL

    Angela & Ella
    (searching for tubanuts in Canada!)

  23. Anonymous12/16/2008

    They are so cute it is ridiculous! I am living to find out what tubanuts really are. I keep saying it out loud, hoping it will just occur to me. Could they mean M&Ms? It's a stretch, but the same number of syllables...? With or without nuts? I thought of that because they said a tubanut was really small.

    -- ALH

  24. Perhaps if you already haven't that is ask them where they heard about that. At school? Perhaps from the teacher? Maybe it isn't candy?

  25. Hello and Happy Holidays!

    Always manage to sneek a peek at your sweet blog! This time wanted to wish you all good tidings!

    Love the post and header...too cute!

    Hugs from NJ


  26. What adorable aprons and just perfect for gingerbread house decorating! One of my friends works part time at Sur La Table and she'll get a kick out of the girls wearing those aprons!

    Also, I can't believe how long the girls' hair is getting!

    Donna :)

  27. OK...our family, most especially hubs is still trying to figure out the tuba nuts mystery and today he told me he has it!! Ethan was watching Blue's Clues and they were talking about polka dots (he said it sounded like tuba nuts) but were referring to those multi colored candy dots on long pieces of papers that you peel and eat. They are also small. Could this be it?

    I cannot believe how tuba nut obsessed we are now..LOL

  28. Anonymous12/16/2008

    I am thinking the girls are talking about Mentos. They said on the video that they saw it in a magazine (I think?) and they have adds for them in magazines. They are a tube of candy about the size of a nut and pink or multicolored. They are also not something you will just see on an aisle in the grocery store or Target. Try and see. I hope it is right for you and Santa's sake.

  29. I think its official... the girls are "trickin"!!

    LOVE those aprons - good grief you have gorgeous stuff at your house!

    I think I'll pass on the candy, though!!

  30. oh man those aprons are THE BOMB. i can't get enough of these two. they're cute factor is multiplied, you know? well, you know that. ;O)
    loved all the pics, as always.

    cannot wait for this dang candy mystery to be solved!

  31. Anonymous12/17/2008

    i thought that licking was how you got the candy to stick to the house! Last year our candy mysteriously disappeared from the house, a little each day.

  32. I sent you an e-mail with a picture attached. The candy may be what they are talking about. It comes in red and green too. Found them at the $store. Hope this is the answer to the mystery.