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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oops, had a slight wardrobe malfunction so it's back to Plan A

The little pink outfit ripped from stem to stern today (our girls are kind of rough) and we had to do a last-minute wardrobe substitution for the Chinese New Year's dinner. Ro was pretty upset at first (the girl really does like her pink) but rallied quickly when she tried on the beautiful red dress: "Ooooo, I yook yike a princess, mama!" Yes you do baby. And little Ree was amenable to anything as long as she got to wear her sparkly red shoes. I think she looks awesome in jewel blue.

DSC_8967m DSC_8958m

I don't know why Ree's ponytail is sticking up, by the way, while Ro's is lying flat. They had the same hairdresser for goodness sake. Also, if their mama had any pride, she would have either picked up an iron or photoshopped out the fold marks in their dresses. Sigh...

Everyone got to pick a fave dish at dinner. Ro ordered three-flavor sizzling rice soup then squealed with delight when it came with shrimp and scallops. Ree ordered lettuce wraps, then folded hers expertly (and a bit smugly) and sucked it down.

After we got back home, the girls shucked off their shoes and curled up with the latest Oriental Trading Company catalog. They love that catalog. LOVE. Every page is meticulously inspected, each item evaluated and exclaimed over, and favorites are chosen and hotly contested. Over and over and over until the thing falls apart and we secretly throw it in the garbage and hope they forget about it until the next one comes in the mail.



  1. Anonymous1/27/2009

    Two beautiful princesses. Are they only three?


  2. They are adorable! They might be lucky and get to wear these cute dresses for next year.
    I wish Emma would eat like your girls.
    Let me know when you have free time to get the girls together.

  3. The look beautiful in ther jewel toned dresses and sparkly shoes!! Their food choices sound good too....it is only 6:30am here and I am downing my first cup of coffee, but after reading this post, I sure have a craving for lettuce wraps!!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful celebration:)


  4. So beautiful, creases and all. My mother keeps telling me I BETTER get those creases out of my girls' dresses before Saturday! LOL. I'm not even sure how to turn the iron on!
    Your girls rock, as always!

  5. Two beautiful princesses from China!

  6. Two cute outfits on one day...lucky girls! They look beautiful in those colors. Sorry to hear that you lost the pink outfit though.

  7. The girls look so beautiful!!! Sounds like you had a great celebration!

  8. Maya has that same red dress! Creases and all! ;-) Happy Chinese New Year to all!

  9. Anonymous1/28/2009

    Seriously, they'd be cute as all get-out even if you dressed them in wrinkled garbage bags so I wouldn't worry about the colors or creases. They're just perfect!

  10. Super cute no matter what outfit they are wearing. And no one is looking at the wrinkles so no worry.

    Thanks for the catalogue mention...I have already ordered one. I LO-OVE catalogues!

    Keep smilin!

  11. Iron?...What's an iron?

    They are so beautiful! They look very grown up. They just get cuter with each post!


  12. As the putter-inner of countless of those same ponytails, I can tell you that the sticking out happens when the little twisty gets layered on top of itself instead of being lined up, single layer, on the hair.

    I don't know if that made one bit of sense but hopefully it did.

    They look beautiful in their dresses!

    P.S. A much overdue thank you for the birthday cards. The girls loved them.

  13. What a treat to see 2 different outfits for CNY! Both totally adorable! Sounds like supper was a wonderful success! Happy CNY friends!! Looking forward to celebrating again with you NEXT week!!!

  14. What lovely colors. Those kiddos sure can pull off the jewel tones.

  15. Beeeaaatuuutttiiifffuuulll!

  16. They are just too freaking cute for words.

  17. Good Morning,
    I think they would look BEAUTIFUL in any color they wore. I too LOVE the Oriental trading catalog and have ordered from it several times. When it comes my four youngest grandkids shreek with delight! We order everything for their parties out of there.
    So I understand believe me!

    since the four grandkids I help homeschool are coming along with me on my china adoption journey (reading many blogs on the subject) they were wondering if you would take a video of the girls reading the catalog and post it? I would enjoy it too.
    Thank you for sharing!

    Miss Lila 60ish
    Caleb 10
    Julien 7
    Ilana 5
    Sadie 3

  18. So cute! Mary Joyce loves the Oriental Trading catalog, too. In fact, I need to do that subtle "sneak the most current one into the recycle bin" maneuver while Mary Joyce is napping. :-)

  19. I nominated your blog for a blog award. If you visit my site you can see what it is all about. Happy New Year!


  20. A or B, does it really matter!! Both are beautiful.

    Happy New Year.


  21. I could so relate to the fold marks..LOL!! The oriental trading catalogue...hmmm...you are good, never thought of that!

  22. oh how I wish you lived closer we are going for dim sum on Saturday and the girls would LOVE the food and the lion dancers. Kacey will be in her red too!!!

  23. They are so beautiful! And I love sticky up ponytails. I also LOVE Oriental Trading catalogs. I suppose I'd fit right in at Casa de Salsa!

  24. Glad you worked everything out! they look BEAUTIFUL! I especially love those red shoes! Wishing you the best. Hannah

  25. Happy Chinese New Year to you and your cuties!

  26. Cute! Those bright colors look really great on them!

  27. Very cute dresses. Forgiveness on the no ironing. No matter how much I ironed, the wrinkles wouldn't come out.


  28. So beautiful! Definitely look like princesses to me:)

  29. Anonymous1/28/2009

    Here's a shaggy dog story for your two sweet princesses.

    I have two shaggy, shaggy dogs who must have their hair tied in "top knots" like Ree and Ro or they can't see a thing and so they bump into walls, furniture, my legs, or the Ragdoll cat who then hisses and spits in their faces. The older shaggy is called BarleyBoo and the younger one is Ola or Ola-Canola.

    We use tiny, clear elastics from the dentist that hold braces to teeth, so trying to neatly line up each round of elastic the way Kristi suggested for her thicker twisties, does not work.

    What is your method for laying the ponytail flat, M3?

    Grammy Carol needs *hoip*

  30. I have a question...

    What do you do with there clothes that they outgrow? They have the cutest clothes and look to be about One size bigger than my daughter! Do you sell them to a consignment shop, hand them down to family members? Just curious what happens to clothes they out grow?

    Thank you so much, Love your blog!

  31. Anonymous1/29/2009

    Where is the banana bread recipe again?

  32. Hi guys, I just added a quick-fix for finding recipes that we've published -- click on the new "Recipes" link up in the navigation bar at the top of our site and you'll now see all posts that contain a recipe.

    In the long-run I'll add a page that lists all recipes titles with clickable links to the posts for easier scanning. But this'll do for now.

  33. Anonymous1/30/2009

    They look beautiful. Love the look!