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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol recap: the rat pack era

Ooo, Jamie Foxx as the mentor, love him. I didn't know he was so successful as a singer, by the way. I thought acting was his huge claim to fame. Man, I am almost criminally unhip. Kris: Kind of cheesy sounding. Hey, did anyone else think he looked a little Fred Flintstoney there in the beginning when they did the close-up? Hm, not his best performance if you ask me. Can't believe those judges are just raving about him. (TubaDad said "That was really good" at the end of his performance. So there you have it, a divided house...) Allison: Aw, she looks cute. Wow, she's not very good at public speaking, is she? That birthday story she told Ryan seemed forced, like she remembered that the judges told her to be more likable and was trying too hard. Woooo, that was some great singing though, I really liked it. And I was ready to give up on her last week, now she's back in my top two. (TubaDad said "Eh, wrong voice for that style.") Matt: I'm not a Matt fan but I really liked this one. I thought the restraint and control during the song sounded so nice. It could have been shrieky but wasn't at all, it was just a very pleasant-sounding song. (TubaDad said "That was ok.") Danny: Great job! Liked the vocals, liked the expressions on his face, liked the tempo, liked it all. I think this was my favorite Danny performance. (TubaDad said "It was surprisingly better than I thought it would be.") Adam: Laughing out loud about Jamie's comments to Adam in the coaching session. The timing seemed a little off during the beginning of this song. Ok, I am Adam's #1 fan, but this one seemed soooo showboaty to me for some reason. Yikes. Didn't love it, and I love everything he does. Actually liked the song better when he sang it in rehearsal (with Jamie). I think this week was a miss. (TubaDad said "It's kinda too theatrical, it doesn't fit the genre. He overdid it and the end was weak.") Ok, my ranking for this week: 1. Danny 2. Allison 3. Matt 4. Adam 5. Kris TubaDad's ranking for this week: 1. Danny 2. Adam 3. Kris 4. Matt 5. Allison What are your thoughts on the show? TubaDad and I are staying up LATE to watch this show tonight, it's almost midnight. The girls are having a sleepover at Wela and BobBob's and we are practically giddy at the thought that we get to sleep in tomorrow. Shoot, I might get all wild and crazy and stay up for another hour!


  1. At this point in the competition, I think most people have picked their favorite contestants, and individual performances probably won't sway their votes very much.

    I am Adam's OTHER #1 fan, and I really liked what he did this week. The glory note was glorious, I just *heart* his vocal style, so for me- it was great. Danny's mannerisms irritate me, so maybe if I hadn't watched him sing it it would have been okay. The rest were good, no one was really off, but my votes all went to Adam.

  2. A sleepover?? Wahooo!!! Fun, fun times for all!! Giggles, snuggles, chatter and laughter for Wela and BobBob and sweet, silent, almost too quiet? house for mommy and daddy!

    Hope all had a great time and there are more sleepovers to come. Remember with fondness sleeping over at my grandparents as a child.

  3. My ranking for this week was...

    1. Danny
    2. Adam
    3. Kris
    4. Allison
    5. Matt

    Can't wait for tonight

  4. I agree that Adam CAN definitely sing his socks off. But, there is something I can't get beyond that just gives me the willies about him and I can't feel all fuzzy where he is concerned.

    They're all gonna do just fine...no doubt (okay, maybe a few will fade into complete obscurity).

    Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out...I love a good diversion these days!

  5. ...hhhmmm....and do what? ;-)

    Ok, here's mine.
    #1 Adam (always Adam even though it wasn' his best).
    #2 Danny
    #3 Alison (her voice!)
    #4 doesn't matter
    #5 also doesn't matter

    But, Alison may be in trouble tonight. We'll see.

  6. Anonymous4/29/2009

    I liked Adam's performance. You have to remember, the guy performed drag and theater before he came on the show. It has to be funky.

  7. Theatrical or not, I like Adam. It's who he is. I agree that he is hard to watch sometimes, but he can sing!

    I have never been a Danny fan, but I thought he did extremely well last night. He actually was my favorite from all the performances last night.

    Matt, I don't really care for him and even though I think Allison is cute as a button and she can sing her socks off, she is not "wow-ing" me anymore....

  8. I missed it. I was doped up on Lortab after oral surgery and thought it was Monday... dang it.

  9. Can't believe tuba dad thought allison was last!

    My order (for this week):

  10. Anonymous4/29/2009

    The girls are on their way home with Bob Bob and snack bags. I'm ready for bed....


  11. Kristina4/29/2009

    WOW!!! I just got to work (went for the yearly mammagram this a.m.) and I was going to say hope you are still sleeping but saw Wela's note so you are up! Hope you enjoyed being a night owl and enjoyed your extra sleep this morning!!!

    Agree that Adam was over the top but I still think he will be in the final 2!

  12. 1) Danny (reluctantly... I wanted to give it to Allison, but Danny was great last night)
    2) Allison
    3) Matt
    4) Kris
    5) Adam (Which I'm thrilled about. Sorry. Normally, I have to reluctantly rank Adam higher because, even though I find his singing semi-repulsive, I do recognize that he's good at his thing. I just happen to HATE his thing.)

  13. I agree with Pipo- I can't get around Adam's theatrics- He gives me the willies too! I guess he is so busy performing I just don't know who he really is. My line up is

    Danny- Fav performance of him so far
    Allison- gave me goose bumps
    Adam- only because he can really sing
    Matt- liked that he keyed down
    Kris- great song, just not great performance-

    Just my thoughts

  14. I tagged you on my blog. Don't feel like you had to do it. I just thought you might want to play along.