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Friday, April 24, 2009

Fashion Challenge Friday

It's Fashion Challenge Friday, time for some more outfits the kiddos have assembled on their own. This week the girls were dying to wear dress-up clothes out of the house. TubaDad and I said "no way" as usual, but then held one of those mostly-silent-but-really-expressive secret conferences and realized we didn't have a good reason. They're just clothes, right? Whatever. So we gave them the green light and tiny shirts and underwear started flying. DSC_4559m Ree chose her favorite purple tutu outfit, which is nearly in tatters it's so well-loved. Ro chose her new hot pink leotard and matching princess tutu. Love the adorable little belly poking out. For shoes, she really wanted her pink Jellies (which would have looked great) but we couldn't find Outfit #13, out and aboutthem. (Side note: how much freaking time a week do you spend looking for kid shoes?! I'm guessing I spend at least an hour.) TubaDad took them to the grocery store in their fancy clothes and they were thrilled. He's a good sport, isn't he? The second set of outfits this week made me a little nervous (gotta admit that it is really hard for me to keep quiet while the girls are picking clothes, but I'm starting to unclench a little). Ree chose a long cream-colored sweater dress and a white summer skirt. I didn't really know how she was going to pull it off and what shoes could possibly go with that look, but then she made it all look cute. Ro chose capri-length light pink sweats and a light pink peace shirt, then decided it just wasn't enough and added a frilly hot-pink skirt and jellies. Fun. Both girls wanted a whole bunch of colorful barrettes and then made kissy faces at me: Outfit #14 The last outfit just went to preschool this morning. The girls looked fairly similar (although they didn't see each other's outfits while picking). Ree went for a blue Mickey Mouse tank top, a bold striped sweater, pink cuffed pants that she pulled up into capris, blue Hello Kitty socks (she said they matched her tank top), and yellow Polliwalk shoes. Ro went for all hot pink, including the shirt underneath, and was pretty proud of herself. The pink socks were dirty, so she settled for yellow. She's wearing skintight leggings that are supposed to go under a dress, but whatever... Both girls wanted "rainbow ponies" as their hairstyle. Outfit #15 All of the girls' past Fashion Challenge Friday outfits can be seen here. Now it's your turn! Share the grins and give us a link to an outfit that your kiddo put together this week! Fashion Challenge Friday is now a regular feature, so grab your camera and turn those kids loose in the closet at least once a week.
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  1. Costumes! At the grocery store! I'm so proud of y'all!

  2. My favorite is the grocery store outfit! =)

  3. Again - too too cute (or tutu cute works too ;-)

    I'm so impressed Daddy took them out shopping all dolled up. Speaks volumes.

    We should probably buy two of our (or their) favorite customes as the one ends up in tatters and I don't know about you but I want to keep some of them as souvenirs. Oh help, I need a bigger house first!

  4. I especially love the dress up clothes as I can't tell you how many times we've gone out in similar outfits. Come to think of it, weekly were out in princess shoes, it just doesn't phase me any longer. Ro and Ree had good choices all around, very creative and fun!

  5. I love the one with all the barrettes and the adorable kissy-faces!

    By the way, I tried to enter the permalink to my post but it was too long and wasn't accepted (so I linked to my blog URL instead). I have no idea why it's so dang long and I don't know how I can change it. Do you know?

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  6. M3, you are doing a great job with the girls. I like the pic of them grocery shopping. Our daughter is only two, so we get to choose (for now). But she is accessorizing her own way.

  7. Anonymous4/24/2009

    Too cute!! A couple of weeks ago, my son and I were attending a Bat Mitzvah. Our 4 year old was going to stay at home with the sitter. Well, the sitter got stuck in traffic and I decided I just couldn't wait any longer. My baby girl was wearing a lovely pink dress up outfit with a huge tulle skirt. She put on sequined flashy red shoes and she was ready to go. Yes, I did indeed take my 4 year old to a Bat Mitzvah dressed in dress up clothes - she was the belle of the ball!lol I love seeing all these pics - the girls can really put an outfit together!


  8. I am loving all these outfits the girls pick out! I look forward to checking in each week for the fashion show! Way to go Ree and Ro, you are doing an awesome job picking out your clothes!

  9. Can I tell you how much I look forward to your Fashion Challenge Friday posts? SO CUTE!!!

    Love their dress-up clothes and that they wore them grocery shopping with daddy. Occasionally I see a little one dressed in costume while out with mom and dad and a smile flits across my face as quick as you can say 'Bippity Boppity Boo!!'

  10. I am so very impressed that TubaDad took them out like that. I am sure they received many smiles on that grocery trip! They look adorable as usual - love the skin tight leggings - too cute!

  11. Anonymous4/24/2009

    Letting them wear tutus to the grocery store is what this is all about, right?

    My wife (greyautumnrain) said I should link her entry if I saw the fashion challenge before she did, so I did. You did say the rules were that they had to pick the clothes out by themselves, not that they had to be old enough to put them on by themselves, right?

  12. Time spend looking for shoes? Zero. I keep them all on the floor of the car.

  13. Rainbow ponies!
    I want some rainbow ponies!
    Can I come over so you can do my hair?

    ... it's been about 28 years since we got to do that.

  14. Anonymous4/24/2009

    They are too cute!!! They are surely 2 FASHION DIVAS!!! I think they do a great job of picking out their outfits (better than some teenagers i know ha ha) You rock girls !!! I am so thankful that you and Tubadad are willing to go and join in the fun....you will never regret it....EVER..The smiles on their faces and the joy in their hearts makes it all well worth it, don't you agree? You are a wonderful Mother and Father and i love to read your blog.

  15. I love fashion challenge friday. Mine are too young to participate, but we are looking forward to it soon. also the question about "how much time do you spend a week hunting kid shoes.." I don't know exactly but it is one of my biggest pet peeves.

  16. Very cute! I think I'll give up the control and let Eliza participate one Friday this summer.

  17. I love the grocery store picture! They are so darling.

  18. I want to go grocery shopping in my princess dress....how fun !! Who wouldn't smile looking at them.

    Ok, I'm not a blogger so I hope I explain this right. There is a link on the word "peace shirt", when I cliked on it, it opened up an old post of Ree or Ro wearing that peace shirt. It's around christmas time. I know that because there's a christmas tree in the back ground...Sherlock Holmes !

    Anyway, you are such an inspiration !


  19. Love the grocery store outfits and the kissy face pic!

  20. We always get a kick out of seeing what Ro and Ree have come up with on Fridays. We just had to share our Friday fashion with you especially after we saw the grocery shot. Great minds (the girls)think a like:-)

  21. LOVE IT!!!!!

    Lulu has a clear door organizer for shoes. When one is missing it goes in there and hopefully it eventually shoes up :)

  22. Kissy face pics are my fave! Sweet!
    A girl can never go wrong with a peace shirt, a ruffle skirt or a pair of rainboots!

  23. Too Cute -- This is my first time visiting. You twins are so sweet it makes me want a girl! I have two crazy boys who like to wear nothing but shoes and a hat (and diapers, of course) -- clothes are just so out these days.... lol.

  24. I love the fashion Fridays! I want to do it with Naomi but we are so rushed on Friday mornings!! Maybe one of these days I'll get up a bit earlier so we can participate!

  25. There's nothing like a bright colored tutu or two to liven up a trip to the grocery store!

  26. Kristina4/29/2009

    Go Tuba Dad!!! I hope to run into them someday at the store although Miss S will be jealous.

  27. These outfits are all adorable!