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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No power, no American Idol, no American Idol post

Nooooooo! Our blasted power went out tonight -- right after I put the girls to bed and right before I sat down to enjoy a blissful hour of television watching the last American Idol performance. Can you freakin believe it?!!!!! TubaDad was out at a business dinner, so I was alone in the house with two hysterical girls who wanted to know why the house was suddenly plunged into complete darkness. I got them calmed down and put little battery-powered lanterns in their rooms. (Side note: please pray the batteries live long enough for them to fall asleep.) TubaDad is home now, and after I finished bitching about how there is absolutely nothing you can do at night without power -- no reading books, no tv, no internet, no nothing -- he said "Hey do you want to borrow my wireless access card? Then you could at least put up a blog post explaining what happened..." Hell yes! So I've got about one bar of laptop battery left and am putting up this post asking for your help. Please leave comments/summaries about the show in the comments section so I can read them tomorrow morning and get my American Idol fix. I need to know what happened. So bummed...


  1. For some reason our DVR failed to record Idol. Gasp.

    I have heard it was nuttin but Adam. Well actually I heard that Adam did a great job with the song they wrote for him and that Kris struggled.

  2. I feel your pain. I dont watch American idol but i saw posts on Facebook "I love you Shawn" Not sure what they were referring to but if there was a Shawn in AI, then I'd bet on him.

    We missed the Desperate housewifes finale on Sunday. The DVD broke down but didn't give an error message. Bummer !!!

  3. You Tube it ASAP, before you start getting physical withdrawal symptoms !!!!
    Adam's 1st song was waaaaaaaay too dramatic and over done, at least the staging and clothing were. He sang well, but I am just REALLY over him !! Kris's first song was "THE BOMB".....perfection ! (I still miss Danny though) Adam won the second round (per the judges).....Kris was just lacking a little umph ! The Finale song which was written by Kara SUCKED !!! Adam sang it terribly, probably his worst performance ever and Kris did better but still struggled. I still want Danny to win !!!!!!!

  4. The judges said Kris won the first round and Adam won the second round. Every year contestants sound funny with the song that is written for them. You just can't write one song with multiple people in mind who have very different styles and expect us to like it. So I don't know what you'd say for the third round. I mean, they both did fine, but I wouldn't be asking them to sing that one for me if I had the choice.

    But, as usual, they were both their amazing selves. It's anyone's game. Adam is so talented, but I think there are many people who just aren't his "style" so I don't know if he'll get votes from the majority when there are only 2 to choose from. We'll see.

    Martina wanted Allison and I wanted Danny, so we didn't vote for anyone last night.

  5. Elicia5/20/2009

    Hi! Just a lurker normally - loved reading your adoption story and the girls are super cute! Also an American Idol junkie - you can watch video clips of the performaces at www.mjsbigblog.com - way easier than trying to find them on YouTube. I thought Kris won the night - but I'm biased! :)

  6. Sooooooooo sorry you missed it!! Hopefully you've had a chance to watch it by now!!
    I have to say that Adam has been my favorite all year! He just is incredibly unique and talented. I love his first two songs last night. I also loved Kris' first song. I agree that they are both super talented and that the song Kara wrote SUCKED big time!!! It wasn't suited for either of them. It just wasn't a good song. Kris couldn't seem to hit all the notes and seemed to be struggling to breathe throughout the song, while Adam just didn't rock it either.

    It wasn't my favorite finale show at all. I voted constantly until almost midnight and only got through 7 times so I guess there were a LOT of people voting. It's anyone's game at this point.

  7. I agree Adam is talented, but I have to vote for Kris. (and not just because I'm from Arkansas). Kris' first song was super. But they both struggled last night. Tonight will be exciting!

  8. I voted for Adam for four hours but rarely got through at all until about 11:45 when I guess everyone else went to bed :) After that it was easy dialing. I thought both of them sang well, and I'm happy for them that the performance pressure is over. Adam's my guy in this contest, but I wish them both well in the future.

  9. melissa5/20/2009

    They have tubes of glow bracelets at Michael's craft store - 15 for $1. We've decided to have some on hand if there's a power outage. They're just fun anyway, too.

    I don't know if there's one close to you. www.michaels.com

  10. Hi MM,
    I don't blog about it but I read some bloggers that do!


    Enjoy! And I'm sorry you missed it. That's sooo disappointing!

  11. Oh, what a bummer (I'd be screaming too - so not fair!)

    Well, since I am the HUGEST Adam fan ever - it was all about Adam for me. Yes, he looked a bit creepy in the first song but his voice.....oh.....can't get enough! Adam's second song (the producers pick) rocked the house. Bluesy R& B - my ultimate favorite. Oh, I can still hear it in my head. I think the last song (the original) wasn't Admam's best - mainly because it' not a great song. Way too fast. He was gasping for air - slow it down!!! Nonetheless - I love the man! Period!

    Kris (I spelled it right for once) did a fine job. His first song was pure Kris - at the paino - moving, soulful and dowey-eyed. Really, quite beautiful. The producers pick was a crappy song choice for him (or anyone). He couldn't have shone with that song especially up against the Sam Cook song of Adams. Not really fair. The last song (original) was better suited for his voice but,again, not that huge finale ballad like it should have been. Not his fault really and the key was too high for him. He struggled a bit.

    Our newspaper summed it up today though. AI is more of a popularity contest rather than a singing contest so Kris has an edge there. BUT......I will always love Adam. Hey, that almost sounds like a song. I should write that one. I big, huge, shmalsy R& B ballad. Yeah, must get busy!

    Till tonight girls!

  12. OMG - I would have had a heartattack had that happened to me! Have to still say that I'm a Kris Allen Fan all the way and think that tonight will be an upset with Kris beating out Adam (due to the Danny Gokey fans voting for him and not Adam) - think that Kris did a better job on his two songs and still did a good job with "No Boundaries" even though it was in a key that was too high for him. It's more his style of song and not Adams. But......we'll see. We're going to be out tonight so I have it set to record on TWO TVs in our home JUST TO BE SURE! :o)

  13. Bless you Elicia!!! That site you mentioned (www.mjsbigblog.com) has video of the whole show!!! When the girls go down for nap, I am going to be ALL OVER that site. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

  14. I have to chuckle, we used to live in an area of the country (read sticks!) where the power would go out ALL the time. We always used candles and taught the kids at an early age to respect them. Some of the things we'd do in the candlelight were color, tell stories, sharpen crayons (hey, it makes you feel productive), played piano, sat outside and watched the stars...those are just the ones I remember off the top of my head. And when I needed a break, it was early bedtime, cause, hey, it was dark out :)


  15. you can probably watch today on hulu.com :)

  16. Have you tried You Tube? The Survivor finale missed recording the last hour for me so watched it on You Tube yesterday. Not the same quality but still glad to see it. Hope you're able to find it someplace else.

    Warning....tonight's episode is scheduled to go long so they're telling people to set their PVR's long.

    Hope you're able to find last night's show!

  17. Girl how did they live in the olden days? lol

  18. This happened to me last year ... a babysitter watched the boys the night of last year's finale, and after watching EVERY SINGLE show from Day 1 and loving that season's group of singers more than any other before them ... I settled in to bed to watch which David had won, and it WASN'T THERE!!!!! Our babysitter had changed the channel and it didn't record. I almost cried, and definitely threw a bit of a pity party fit. Thankfully, I saw some of it online, but I know how you're feeling. Ugh.

    I haven't been the biggest fan of Adam through the season ... but I have to say, in the last two weeks I've definitely been won over. That guy can SING, holy guacamole!! He may not be everyone's cup of tea (the guyliner, the huge high notes, etc.) but I think anyone who has any music background would at least concede that his vocal talent is out of this world. I watched his second song last night 3 times, I thought it was that good.

    And Kris has nothing to be ashamed of ... he gave great performances (but yes, was a little out of his depth with Kara's song ... which wasn't any worse than any of the other mediocre songs previous finalists/winners have been given, imo).

    I would have said that Adam will win, hands down. But there seems to be a bit of "Adam backlash" going on out here, and if Danny's fans all voted for Kris, then Kris definitely might win. Both will have very successful careers I think, so I'm not sure it matters at this point. I'll definitely be watching tonight!!!

  19. Oh nm, that Shawn was Shawn Johnson from DWTS

  20. The power thing is a trip...we lost power monday for no apparent reason, I know exactly how you feel.

    I've got nothing on AI...we dvrd it and will watch it tonight after volleyball. I hope.

  21. You need a Kindle. If the power goes out you can read books, and blogs :)

  22. What kind of wireless home network do you have that works without power? Ours totally sucks because it's useless in a power failure.

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