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Friday, June 5, 2009

Fashion Friday (and I thought this week was going to be boring!)

Ha! Shows how much I know. It's Fashion Friday, time to see the fancy and fanciful outfits that the kiddos put together on their own this week. Since I knew we'd be traveling, I took the pictures and wrote this post a couple of days ago. We're in Houston, Texas, visiting TubaDad's family, by the way, and all the guesses were so fun! This week Ro went for all pink (this surprises exactly zero people, right?). But she picked two skirts and primly informed me that one was to go around her chest. Oh man, couldn't wait to see it. Then Ree picked out her standby fave yellow bike shorts (sigh... those babies are just begging to get "lost" in the laundry...) but covered them up with the large purple ruffly top that I got at the thrift store and keep trying to put in the bin for when she's bigger, a yellow undershirt, a purple skirt, and her yellow polka-dot shoes (which are now way too small but she still insists on wearing, if she doesn't have to walk very far -- heaven help us, she's already doing that "suffer for beauty" thing.). DSC_8308LR DSC_8355LR DSC_8368LR All of Ro and Ree's past Fashion Friday outfits can be seen here. Now it's your turn! Share the grins and leave a comment* with a link to an outfit that your kiddo put together! Fashion Friday is now a regular weekly feature, so grab your camera, turn those kids loose in the closet at least once a week, and show us what happened. (* Mr Linky has been sucking lately, and I don't trust the app to work while I'm traveling, so we're going old-school and using comments this week.)


  1. These outfits are perfect! I love the color coordination and the shoes...

    Here's Esme's rather lengthy fashion show this week: http://moziesme.blogspot.com/2009/06/fashion-friday.html

  2. They look stinkin' adorable! :)

  3. Love the layered ruffles - they look totally adorable again! Here is Rylee in all here style!


  4. I believe you have some little fashion designers in the making! Who knew that a skirt could make such an adorable top? Those outfits are both totally adorable!!

    Had to laugh..."which are now way too small but she still insists on wearing, if she doesn't have to walk very far -- heaven help us, she's already doing that "suffer for beauty" thing"....buh bye Kitty Boots ~ see you next trip! :o) They're on the bed ready to jump into the suitcase.

    Love you friend. Have a great time in TX!! ((hugs)) to all. xo

  5. Why is it when you decribe the outfits they sound like they're going to scar my corneas, but when I see the actual photos, their ensembles are absolutely adorable? No offense to your fashion journalism!

    Of course having two of the cutest models in the world doesn't hurt, but they have a great eye for color and a personal flair!

    Have fun in Houston! We have family there too - but we won't be visiting this weekend. :-(

  6. I love the outfits. They did a great job.

    Here's my girls choice http://cannonfishbowl.blogspot.com/2009/06/fashion-friday.html.

  7. I love it they are so cute! Have a great time in Texas.

    LOVE the two skirts, that is adorable.

    Here is the Monkey baby...


  8. Suffer for beauty indeed!

    But they're having a ball doing it and it's so much fun for us to peek in every week. And the double skirt thing is genius.

    Have a fun time!

    Here's my Dahlia's pic-o-the-week.

  9. They pic out the greatest outfit!!! FAshion divas!

  10. Yeah, their color coordination skills are pretty awesome! Great outfits!
    Have a lovely time on your trip!

    Our fashion pic of the week....


  11. Hee hee... looks like you use gum to reward your little models too!

    Maddy dressed herself before dinner last night and it was pretty "creative" (okay, it was actually insane). I didn't make her change because we thought we were just running out to grab something to bring back home but we ended up actually going IN to eat! She was the talk of the restaurant and darn if we didn't have a camera! Maybe we'll re-create it later.

    Have fun in Texas!

    Our blog: Double Happiness!

  12. Loved the outfits! We live in Houston area on the south east side. We would love to meet up with you all but we wouldn't be able to do so until Sunday afternoon. The Children's Museum is open from noon-6pm. If you are interested email me at fnffm@yahoo.com.

    Wendy from Adoption & Fire

  13. Anonymous6/05/2009

    Ro looks great in pink! Why doesn't she wear that every week?

    Oh, wait, she does.

    Ree looks great too!

    Margaret this week:


  14. Have a great time in Houston! We have family there, but won't be going because we're working on staging our house so we can move from Seguin to San Antonio this fall. It's too bad because it's my cousin's graduation, so we had talked about going!

    Next time you're in SA, we'd love to see you! (Even if we haven't moved yet, we're not far--my husband and I both commute to SA every day).

    Love the outfits, as always!

  15. They're so creative. I'm impressed.

    I finally took pictures of the Cupcakes this morning:


  16. I think they look great.

    Anna's latest fashion challenge can be found at:


    Julie Anne