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Friday, July 24, 2009

Videos, videos, and more videos

Folks just don't do enough blog posts on the weekends, do they? I swear, sometimes I check Bloglines on a Sunday morning and think it must be broken because it's not showing any new posts. Oh well, if you're checking in this weekend and wishing for something to read or watch, here are a few recent videos of the girls. Enjoy, and happy weekend! First, here's a little short of the girls practicing their swimming. Starting last week, they've been comfortable enough to try jumping and swimming sans vests (as long as their grownups are nice and close). They are so dang proud of themselves I think they're going to burst. Go little fishies! (oh, and sorry for the high squeaky voice, I guess I'm just a tiny bit excited too, heh heh) These next two were taken on Wednesday, which is the morning that my dad always comes over to play with the girls. First we took the girls to the dentist, then the girls and my dad had a big water fight in the backyard (my camera and I got blasted with water at around 2:43 of the first video and I didn't even teach the girls any new words, can you believe it?). Then I took the girls over to my folks' house after naps to have dinner with them and my Grandma Shulse who is visiting for the week. Everyone had loads of fun and Ro and Ree even got to frolic on a huge trampoline in the neighbor's yard. Kind of a big day for everyone (especially my dad, who my mom says fell asleep at about 7:45pm that night—hee!) Here's a quick little video I snapped of the girls' unique method for riding one of the rides at Chuck E Cheese. It's just a smidge too big for them, and won't go up in the air unless your legs are long enough to pedal—not a problem for the wonder twins... Then there's a short clip of the girls vigorously popping the packing bubbles that came in some package. I don't remember what package it was, but the bubbles were sure a hit. Ro and Ree were quite serious about their popping, which kind of cracked me up: And finally, here's a vid of the girls driving the little cars at Gilroy Gardens (man we love that place). As always: I'm in the backseat with my camera, Ro (in the french braids) is driving, and Ree (in the crooked ponytails) is talking. The girls want an electric car sorta like this for their birthdays, and I've told them that the grandparents are the ones to talk to about that. Um, perhaps a conference call is in order? Whew, now I'm hopefully all caught up on vids. Been meaning to post those for awhile now. If you can't see the videos in your browser, you can always go direct by clicking "Videos" in the blue bar across the top of our site. Alrighty, off to watch a little tv before the girls wake up from nap. Thank you SO much for the tv suggestions a few posts back, by the way. Now our recorder is full of really cool shows and there's always something fun to watch when I get a few minutes of downtime. PS: A question for the eagle-eyes who are reading this: do you notice anything different between the dentist visit and the trampoline video (both from Wednesday)?


  1. Oh my gosh! My face hurts from smiling! You and your video camera have been BUSY!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  2. Your girls are absolutely adorable!

    BTW, I think their shirts are switched from the earlier shots!

  3. Yep - they switched their shirts~! These kidlets are just so frigging cute it makes my face hurt smiling at them. What pure joy!

  4. Your girls are sooooooooo freaking adorable, soooo stylish and sooo darn cute!!!! Keep posting all the interesting stories and Friday fashion. They are too adorable!

  5. Nope, the shirts are the same. Close, though... :-)

  6. Ok, I think the skirts are switched too, but I'm all mixed up anyway watching them! LOL
    They are just too cute!!!

    Krista D

  7. Anonymous7/24/2009

    nice videos :)

  8. Life is always filled with fun with your gals!

  9. I think they switched their skirts.
    So cute! :)

  10. Anonymous7/25/2009

    On the last video, is the car moving as fast as it seems? Do the cars gave seat belts?

  11. Anonymous7/25/2009

    Very cute! Looks like they are making progress on swimming w/out floatation devices! YEAH! I'm not sure who was enjoying the swim more - Dad or the girls!


  12. Great videos! They are one active duo. Do they ever argue or do they always get along and play together?

    I updated my blog today after neglecting it for almost 2 weeks.

    Now I'm going to have to go back and figure out your little riddle!

    Oh, and thanks for the impromptu forum on the "mean" girls. It really helped a lot of people!

  13. Very cute as always.

    And I know exactly where those bubbles came from because I'm betting that I sent them. Now to hear whether or not you are still holding out trying them or if you finally gave into temptation.

    Gilroy Gardens looks like a blast. We'll have to keep it in mind if we ever get out to that coast.

  14. Love seeing them in 3D! They are total joy!! :)

  15. They're skirts are switched.

    They are just too cute and I'm so impressed with their swimming skills!

  16. Yep, it was the skirts. :-) For some reason they traded skirts after nap. Little Ree came up with the plan, which had something to do with convincing her sister that she really really needed to trade so that Ro would have the "better" skirt. Ree laughed with glee as she got it, though.