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Monday, August 3, 2009

A brand-new Salsa Reviews section (with an inaugural review of Sears Portrait Studio)

In this funky economy we're always looking for ways to make our money stretch a little farther. One of the ways we do it is by researching like mad before buying, checking to see if folks genuinely think something is worth the money before we take the plunge. We thought you might be doing this kind of research too, so we started a new section on the blog called Salsa Reviews (you can see it up there in the blue navigation bar that goes across our site). Here we'll put our family opinions and field tests of all sorts of things, and also offer giveaways of the stuff we like. We'll always announce any new reviews right here on the homepage of Salsa in China, so if you read our blog, you'll automatically know. If you're curious what we think about a product or service that we use, just ask away and we'll give you an honest evaluation. And if you own a product or service and would like for us to evaluate it, please email me. Fair warning though: we won't only give positive, glowing reviews, our posts will always include the pros and the cons. We aren't afraid to tell it like it is, and we're a family of tough customers—TubaDad and I are excrutiatingly picky and Ro and Ree are masters of destruction. Alrighty then, without further ado, please go to the Salsa Reviews section for our:
Sears Portrait Studio review and giveaway. I think these folks were awfully daring to ask me (a certifiable photography nut) and the Hubei Wrecking Crew to come into their studio for a portrait session—well, check out the review to hear how it went and see the pics.