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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two sets of two

We have some fun houseguests this week. Do any of these faces look familiar? DSC_2687m Yep, it's the twins from No More Work Than One. Ro and Ree are just tickled pink that their friends S2 (left) and H2 (right) came into town. And we're having a ball with their sweet parents. They've only been in town for a few hours, but there have already been three or four shows (complete with wardrobe changes): DSC_2645m DSC_2841 Some trike racing (round and round and round and I still didn't get a decent shot of the procession... DSC_2614 Some riotous shoe swapping: DSC_2930 Some wild slide action (yes our girls are wearing tights over swimsuits, and no, I'm not sure why): DSC_2913 And some precarious quadruple teetertottering: DSC_2985 And, of course, quite a few pictures have been taken. Ro grabbed my camera at one point and snapped 151 pictures in three and a half minutes (I had it set on rapid shoot mode). Oops. Here's a cool one she snapped of D2 taking a picture of her while H2 walked into the frame: DSC_2828m D2 has the reverse pic of Ro (holding my big ole Nikon) that is just adorable. Check it out. We've got big plans for the week, so I'm guessing we'll have a few more pics to post. Heh. Oh, and if you want to see the rest of the ones from this evening, they're here.


  1. Anonymous8/13/2009

    Tee hee, D2 posted first. Guess he gets the dream bars.


  2. Great to be here - awesome shots, M3...

  3. Wow - I comment 90 seconds after M3 posts... and Wela beats me to the first comment... but it's worth it... we're getting dream bars!!!!!

  4. Mmmmm....Dream bars!! Wela's dream bars rock!!

    Oh right...commenting about the post! :o) Let the fun begin! Errr, continue!! What a wonderful week you're going to have together! Have you checked stock in memory cards in the area? Between you and D2 you might need to clean out the stores in the area and begin ordering online.

    Have a ton of fun friend and I promise to keep you posted. So far it's quiet which leads me to believe today won't be the day. But....maybe Monday??!!!

  5. Twinados times two. Your house won't know what hit it.

    Have fun like I know you will.

  6. Twin Power times two...WOW!! Looks like the girls are going to have a fantastic week:) Can't wait to see the adventures from this visit! Have FUN:)