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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Does anyone care what we did last weekend?

Probably not! But I've been meaning to post these pictures and am finally getting around to it. Had a lively dinner with these two lovely ladies (Michelle and Kayce). Love them. We met around 6:00 and talked non-stop until 10pm or so, and it STILL wasn't enough. Next time we're just going to have to bring PJs, order a pizza, and have a sleepover. Kayce is expecting a referral this month or next month, by the way, so keep your eyes on her blog for big news soon. IMG_3870mLR Took the girls to a Barbie Dream Home workshop at Pottery Barn Kids. It turned out to be just putting stickers in a little paper Barbie-branded house, but the girls still thought it was fun. They had coloring, face painting, and (of course) Ro got to visit the "bump bed" (bunk bed) that she is lobbying HARD for. I think the purse camera is on its last gasp, the flash and colors in these pictures are so wonky. Must send it in for repair soon! IMG_3873LR IMG_3877LR IMG_3889LR IMG_3893LR After we bade a sad farewell to the bunk bed, we tried to go visit my folks at an antique auto party in the park, but the girls fell fast asleep in the car, so we turned around and headed for home. IMG_3898LR Need a closer look at that? Yep, Ro actually fell asleep in mid bite. And I took a picture instead of getting it out of her hand. Classy, no?: IMG_3897LR After naps, we piled back in the car and this time we made it to the car party. A couple of the girls' cousins met us there, which was so cool! Here are three of them hanging out in my dad's Ford Speedster called "Sublime." IMG_3903LR And y'all recognize my folks by now: IMG_3906LR This was the undisputed thrill of the day (even more exciting than visiting "their" bunk bed): IMG_3920LR IMG_3924LR Then we all went out for pizza (TubaDad and the girls look cute, but I blinked during the pic so I cropped my butt outta there): IMG_3934LR Fun stuff. Hey, maybe I'll even get around to posting what we did THIS weekend sometime next month. Heh heh.


  1. Yall just have the greatest adventures!!!

  2. What fun, what fun!

    Question: how is it that your girlie has such clean (gleaming clean) fingernails after a day like that? I need to know!


  3. Your parents look so cute!

    I had so much fun last Saturday. We totally should have a sleep over. But I don't think we would be getting much sleep! I couldn't believe what time is was when I got in the car either. I could have talked all night.

  4. Such a fun, fun weekend! No grass grows under your feet!

    BobBob and Wela look smashing with their fancy duds and 'sublime'!!

    The pic of BobBob with cousin and Ro is just way too cute!

    SO excited for Kayce!!! Hoping and praying this week and if not, she'll join our elite group of 'next month for sure!!!'

    PS Can we have a sleepover when I come next time? I'm always up for a par*tay!!

  5. Wanda: I had to laugh at your question, because her nails *are* clean, but that gleam? It's McNugget grease (hanging head). Hee!

  6. Of course we care what you did last weekend:)

    Who knew you could have that kind of fun at PB....The girls do look pretty cozy testing out the Bump Beds!!

    I am so glad you took the picture of the last bite....that is classic!

    Your Mom and Dad look great! Looks like you all had another wonderful weekend.


  7. Ree is soooooo right!!! Those sandles go with everything! Hey, I'm just saying.

    Your folk look adorable in their vintage clothes and car. Kiddos adorable too!

  8. I love reading your adventures with the girls. The picture of your folks is nice and I love the shoes your dad has on. Too funny.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  9. Just love seeing your parents all gussied up! Last Monday there must have been 100 model A's/T's driving past our house...everyone was dressed up period style and I sat out there and waved at everyone passing by. Very cool! Would have loved to see "Sublime" pass by!

    I'm thinking next time we get together we should definitely bring the PJ's and do a sleep over! I had a ton of fun and am looking forward to the next time.