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Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm such a sucker for cute PJs

I got these PJs on winter clearance last year at The Children's Place outlet, and the girls have been dying to wear them. Well, our nighttime temperature dropped down below the 60s (brrrr!) at least once this week, and the girls instantly declared it winter pajama time! (It was adorable, but I had to turn up the air conditioner that night because they were sweating so badly. Heh.) DSC_4485LRs DSC_4486LRs DSC_4488LRs DSC_4489LRs DSC_4490LRs (Ro is in the pink, Ree is in the purple, and Ro is trying to get her sister to yawn in that second photo)


  1. My girls LOVE these flannel jammies from Children's Place. I buy some every year and Tahlia wants to wear them even when it's 80 degrees here ;-)

    The girs look SO cute!

  2. I thought those look familiar! :) I remember seeing them at Children's Place and wanted to buy them but held back because it doesn't ever really get that cold around here that we'd need those kinds of pj's.

    R&R look adorable, as usual!

  3. Haha below 60 degrees... yeah that doesn't warrant a "brr."

    Super cute pjs though! So comfy and cozy looking!

  4. I bought the pink ones this past year and had some purple ones from the year before for my daughter. I also had some for my boys. Love them!

  5. Anonymous9/21/2009

    Hi M3,
    Just wondered if you had seen this article in the LA Times about Chinese adoption and what you thought about it as an adoptive parent. Thanks!

  6. Anonymous9/21/2009

    Also this article: http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-fg-china-twins20-2009sep20,0,907320.story

  7. The girls are just beautiful! I found your blog through another and read back to when you adopted the girls at the weekend. (not every post but lots and lots of them... ) I can see why you love them so much. You're very lucky to have them. Just adorable.

    Beautiful PJs and beautiful faces!!

  8. So... in that second photo... is Ro yawning or is she expressing her displeasure with her sister?

  9. Anonymous9/21/2009

    Too cute and they look IDENTICAL in these pictures.

  10. Sarah is also bugging me for the flannel/fleece pj's....so far, I have not let her, because I was worried she would sweat like crazy and be too hot, but with the recent temps...we might be pulling them out sooner rather than later!!

    The girls look adorable as always!!


  11. Ugh!! I was SO convinced it was the other way around! I declare I may never tell the girls apart in pictures! Thankfully in real life their personalities make it easier.

    60's = flannel? You're too cute! If you come here for Hannah's birthday I'll have to pump up the heat of my dear southern friends will freeze their booties off!

  12. Hmm....there's nothing like flannel jammies on a cool (ish) night.

    It's really hard to tell them apart in these pics.

  13. My first thought at seeing the second pictures was, "Why is Ro so mad." And then I thought maybe it's not Ro - but I was right. *Pats self on back.*

    Been reading "The Thirteenth Tale" and two of the characters are identical twins. One of the characters was talking about when the twins were little and they looked at her like she was an object and she realized that these twin girls must look at her like an amputee because she is only one - a half of a whole. It was a very interesting thought.

  14. Shannon (CA)9/23/2009

    hahaha, I'm glad you clarified what was happening in that second photo...very cute!

  15. joelle9/23/2009

    Here in Idaho, it often gets to be 60 degrees at night all summer long! :) Cute pjs, though :)