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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Clearly we have angered the pumpkin gods or something

After yesterday's pumpkin/gourd/squash fiasco, I had the brilliant idea to play hooky today and have another run at the whole pumpkin-picking thing. So we chose a famous destination, roped my friend Maggie in to our plans, checked the patch website for operating hours, and set the GPS for the pumpkin patch of all pumpkin patches. They have not-one-but-two trains, a corn maze, a carousel, a pumpkin pyramid, onsite food, ponies, and round orange vegetables as far as the eye can see. I'm telling you, it's pure pumpkin paradise! Anyhow, after driving and driving and driving, and gleefully talking with Ro and Ree about what they wanted to do first, we arrived at the entrance to see a tiny little sign saying "Closed due to weather*."


I don't think anyone even said anything for a full minute. We just sat there in the blazing sunshine and stared and stared at that little sign like it was going to magically walk away or something. Oy. I had to come up with something good or someone was going to cry. So we turned the car around and headed for a nearby strip mall. We got Halloween craft projects at JoAnn Fabrics, hot chocolates at a little cafe, and a couple of pumpkins at the grocery store. And the day actually turned out ok. Phew.


Mmmm... Ro and Maggie got their hot chocs with whipped cream, Ree wanted hers plain: IMG_4358LRs

Just look at those adorably filthy little fingers: DSC_5697LRs

 If one drop will do, twenty drops is obviously way better: DSC_5701LRs

The cheesiest smile ever:

I made one too, although it looks a little boring next to the more-is-more creations that the girls made:

Ro is beautiful in her concentration:

Well hello Mr Candycorn:

This is Ree's trademark cooking and crafting face: DSC_5728LRs

Cute results (Ree's on left, Ro's on right):

The boring-but-dependable-grocery-store pumpkins are sitting in the back of the car. We're going to carve them up with TubaDad tomorrow, because he'll finally, finally be home from the longest business trip in history. And this time, nothing's going to go wrong. Nothing!! Do you hear me, pumpkins? You are going down tomorrow!  

* I know, I know, we did have that big storm on Tuesday, but it was a one-day thing. Sunny and clear yesterday and even hotter today, so we just never suspected it might be closed. Ah well...  
** Ro is in orange, Ree is in purple


  1. Anonymous10/15/2009

    Ha! Ha! Got caught by the pumpkin grinch! Better luck next time.

  2. Ha! I like the above comment!

    What a cute craft idea! They turned out adorable.

    Sometimes plan B ain't so bad after all, huh? :)

  3. Sounds like when the Griswalds traveled all that way for Wally World and the Moose said it was closed.
    Sounds like you turned it into a fun day though!

  4. Anonymous10/16/2009

    Great crafts...you always make everything so fun for the girls!

    ....Lisa V

  5. Great crafts! Looks like what goes on at our house all the time ;-)

  6. Anonymous10/16/2009

    Love this Salsa adventure! Also, reminded me of "Sorry folks!" when the Griswolds arrived at Wallyworld! That's a common saying with our family when we arrive to find some place closed. I guess the pumpkin patch needed to dry more? Go figure. Still laughing about your comment that the pumpkins are going DOWN! hehe You and the twinadoes crack me up!!! What fun y'all have! :) Melissa

  7. I am curious - which pumpkin patch were you planning on visiting? I live in the Bay area and am trying to find a good one to go to.

    Sounds like you had a great day in spite of it all!

  8. Nuthin' like thinking on your feet!! Looks like you saved the day!! Show no pumpkin pity!!!

  9. Better take the pumpkins out of the back of the van so that they don't spoil out there!

    Love the Halloween crafts. It looks like everyone had a great time crafting.

  10. Kristina10/16/2009

    CLOSED?? What the heck? The rain should have dried up by then!!!

    The candy corn men are adorable though and you wouldn't have them if the pumpkin patch was open....are you willing to try again??? The glitter glue made me laugh too though...the masks at the party each had a tube of it and I promptly opened each package and took it out! I now have 20 tubes of the stuff if you need more....plus it is all pink!

  11. Must. Speak. To. Ree. About. Hot Chocolate. With. No. Whipped Cream !!!

    ( I did not even know that was legal!!)

  12. Agh! Closed in the sunshine? So disappointing...but hey, you made a great day out of it anyway! Tons 'o fun and you even managed to snap a pic of Maggie too! Heehee!!

    Cute crafts!

  13. As much as I love my sweet little 14 month old, I CANNOT wait until Tate is old enough to do the crafts. Hey, I am a little bit Martha, you know!

    The girls are so adorable. Such long hair!

  14. Where is the best pumpkin patch! We need to know. Even though you probably don't like them anymore.

    Jamie S.