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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No man

I FINALLY figured out what the girls have been talking about for the last few weeks on our way to school. They've been chanting "No man" and saying "Good thing we only have girls in our car" each morning, and my thick head just realized that it happens when we drive past a busy corner where crosswalking is prohibited. A corner where they have posted one of these signs:

Bwah ha ha!!! A "No Man" sign! Funny damn girls.

We're having a doozy of a storm, by the way, and the girls have been so excited to pick out winter outfits this week. This morning they paired hand-me-down shirts from their buddies H2 & S2 with last year's Christmas skirts. Cute!


Ro is on the left, holding her "prinsense" (princess) wand, and Ree is on the right, eating Cheerios and pepperoni. Yep, breakfast of champions.


  1. Anonymous10/13/2009

    These girls crack me up. Cheerios and pepporoni, I think my daughter would like that too!


  2. ahahah that is hilarious, "no man".....kids interpretations are just so genuine, Adia has us in fits everyday with some of the stuff she is coming up with.

  3. That's good stuff! They are so dang funny! Hope you guys are staying warm and safe over there! It's wild and crazy here!

  4. LOL Thats a classic!!

    We were driving and my 4 yr old daughter asked me "where is the bear?" and "is it a polar bear?". I had NO clue what she meant. Then she tells me that Little Dickie (what I call my GPS) said there was a bear on the right. Well, Little Dickie told me to BEAR RIGHT, and she thought there was a bear on the right!

  5. This storm IS amazing, isn't it! Gwen and Maddy are loving it though (so far). That might end when they finally figure out that our daily trip to a new park is no longer part of the morning agenda!

    Cheerios and pepperoni sounds pretty good, actually! We might have to try that!


    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  6. Anonymous10/13/2009

    thats funny lol

  7. Nothing wrong with Cheerios and pepperoni! Good fiber and protein, I say!

    Caroline will sing at the top of her lungs any semblance of a tune to whatever catches her eye while we're driving. Example: And the sky is blue and the stripes are yellow, the flowers are purple and no trucks allowed, and I am happy, but Peter is at school...." You get the idea.

    Fun stuff. And we now get to blog about it :)

  8. Shannon (CA)10/13/2009

    So cute!! And the rain in the bay area is just too much for me! I saw so many wrecks this morning!

  9. So darling!
    They crack me up!

  10. Anonymous10/14/2009

    Love their silver shoes---where did you find them?

  11. Hi, my first post to your blog. your daughters are beauties. love their outfits and their style!

  12. They are so funny! They make me laugh with every thing they say. Love the outfits. They are going to be styling teenagers someday.

  13. Hi, I got the silver shoes at The Children's Place a while ago. They're a knock-off of the Nordstrom silver shoes I was in love with last year (identical look, way cheaper construction). I don't think they have them in stock any longer, but they do have an incredibly cute knit boot I'm trying to resist (comes in 4 colors).

  14. Okay... I seriously LOL on the 'no-man' sign!!! Hilarious! Found your blog through another friend who adopted from China this year and love it! Your twins are adorable!

    We made you a featured blogger on our new adoption advocacy site, check it out! www.jointheirsadoptionministry.org

  15. On the ball, your girls.

    Love their silvery shoes!

  16. "No man," that's funny. My daughter looks for the "white man," the blinking walk sign with a white man that tells you it's okay to cross. It's pretty weird to be at a crosswalk and hear her say "white man!" so excitedly over and over.

  17. Gotta love how little people's minds work. They are always good for hearty laugh.

  18. 'No Man'...that is hilarious!

  19. Heehee! So funny! 'No man!' Love hearing what kiddles say and it's perfect that you're recording it for later.

    Mmmm...pepperoni and cheerios. I'll trust them that it's a good combo.

    Note to self: Buy snack traps before heading to China. So much to do...so little time! :o) 18 more sleeps until Hannah Day!!