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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The longest catchup post ever about a slew of "big" things

I am so insanely behind, and really want some of this stuff documented for the girls later on, so I'm just going to have to grit my teeth and throw up a bulleted post. Let's pretend they're somewhat-related "Big" things, K? ♥ Big Girl: Ro suddenly decided to keep her puII-ups dry at night, and furthermore wanted a sticker chart (with a prize of her choosing) to chart the progress. And I'll be danged if she didn't do it. She has now kept her puII-up dry for five nights and declared that she's ready to give them up completely. She is so proud of herself that she had to call everyone and tell them this morning. (If you got one of those phone calls, thanks for being so sweet and celebrating with our girl.) DSC_8208LRs DSC_8207LRs DSC_8213LRsBig Humungo Leaves: My dad and I took the girls to the park the other day and found the mother of all Sycamore trees. Has anyone ever seen bigger leaves? IMG_4535LRs IMG_4557LRs IMG_4558LRsBig Helpers (Sort Of): The girls made me lunch all by themselves yesterday. It was the most unsanitary, scraggliest lunch I've ever seen. And I ate every bite. Little sweeties. Big Achievement: We were playing at a neat park in Santa Cruz last week when Ro made it all the way across the monkey bars for the first time! Big and Getting Bigger: TubaDad was grumbling and backing up files for hours the other day and apparently thought it was quite amusing to make this graph of my picture directory. Yeah, yeah... PicturesBiggest Fans: I never thought I'd say this but I went to Target today and bought a Kellie Pickler cd. I know, I can't quite believe it either. It's just that Ro and Ree are Kellie Pickler's biggest fans. When asked why, Ro sighs and says "I just yuv da way she sings" and Ree grins and says "She knocks my socks off." Heh. They dance like crazy and turn our family room into a little toddler mosh pit when I put the cd on. DSC_8646LRs DSC_8585LRs DSC_8637LRs DSC_8680LRs Whew. Now that everything has been documented, regular blogging can resume.


  1. The Lunch Video is hysterical! Thanks for the laugh. By the way, love your FAll themed header!

  2. Anonymous11/24/2009

    That's all? Awe shucks.

  3. Anonymous11/24/2009


  4. Ro and Ree, I'm with you - Kellie is lots of fun and has some good messages. Keep boogie'ing!

  5. Well...I feel caught up now. (Still can't get over how they've sprouted in the past few months.)

    Don't you just love the milestones. Dry pull-ups and solo monkey barring. It may be ho-hum to some but to us.....HUGE!

    I enjoyed that.

  6. Love all the videos. Way to go Ro, both with the pull-ups and the bars. Those Sycamore leaves are huge, it was a happy day for me the day we cut down our tree as their leaves fall for months and months and are a real pain to rake up. Hope that you all have a fabu Thanksgiving. Hugs from your Atlanta friends.

  7. Anonymous11/24/2009

    I about needed a pull-up when watching that lunch video!! Too funny. Love how the one sister got all over the other about eating off the knife. Before it was done, she did too. Just like my girls... :-)
    Love your site.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


  8. Wow!! Love, Love, Love this post. It's got everything from soup to nuts!!!! Lots of fun!!!

  9. Bigger, bigger, bigger! Not sure if it's just because I have my little munchkin beside me but oh my....your girls are getting bigger and more grown up by the moment!!!

    Way to go Ro!! If you want to call Cafrin and Hannah we'll be happy to celebrate with you!! Cafrin will cheer and Hannah will give you a big gummy grin and maybe even a wet kiss...but not sure you'll really want one of those!

    That lunch rocks! Heh....how we change! It's neat how excited you were to enjoy this treat from your girlies!

    Hugs to all from both of us! xoxo

    (Yes, finally getting a chance to catch up on blogs....only 19 more of your posts to read! LOL!!)

  10. Don't eat off the knife! don't eat off it!!

    How adorable can it get, except maybe the flying knife above the heads to avoid getting it taken away.

    i'm sure lunch was delish.

  11. Anonymous11/25/2009

    The "Little Miss Sunshine" shirts suit them perfectly!

    Lisa V

  12. Anonymous11/25/2009

    I'm dying here over the lunch.....oh my.....it looked quite tasty.


  13. You are brave beyond description. Only a mom could eat that sandwich.

  14. Lots of good big things happening! Those leaves are so cool!

  15. Kristina11/26/2009

    Way to go RO!!!! Savannah and I just watched the videos and now she can't wait to make me a sandwich! She thinks they should have cut the crusts off but I told her Mama's like the crusts! ;)

    Savannah esp. liked their cool dance moves!!!and now NEEDS to go to the park soon!

  16. Wow! You guys had an action packed time!!! We just got back from a trip to Texas to see the hubby's fam. Glad to catch up. Your girls are so cute and you amaze me as a mother.

  17. Too cute!! I have to know: I am putting together a "Little Miss Sunshine" b-day gift - where did you get those shirts???? Thanks so much :)