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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Huge snowdrifts and green shag carpeting

TubaDad and I are tired (oh so tired) after all the Christmas merriment, but the girls were dying to see some real snow, so we sucked it up and drove to Tahoe. We didn't pack until this morning, but we did think ahead enough to rope my parents into the plan (yes we have flashes of brilliance even when we are dog tired). The girls were so excited that they climbed into the van and strapped themselves in while TubaDad and I were still running around filling the suitcases. We kept telling them we weren't leaving for at least an hour, but they didn't care, just sat there giggling and yelling for us to hurry. Crazy little chickens. Tahoe 016 The old family cabin looks exactly the same as it has for the last four decades. Same awesome snow, same cute a-frame roof, same green shag carpeting, same orange corduroy couches. Love this place. Ro and Ree feel the same. Tahoe 045 Tahoe 057 We've already gone sledding, soaked two sets of clothing, figured out that we need better mittens for the girls and (ahem) larger snow pants for me, and gotten buried in the snow. Tomorrow my dad says he's going to teach the girls to ski. He taught me when I was four, but the twinados... yikes... wish him luck! Hope you're all having a wonderful holiday break and that you're getting way more rest than we are. Heh.


  1. Wahoo!! What a fun getaway!! Ooooo...snow! Fun, fun, fun!! I'm sure your adventurous girlies will do great skiing! Looking forward to hearing all about it!

    Enjoy friend!

  2. THAT'S the fun of having GRANDS--- teach, and love! ENJOY family

  3. Nice dog pic!!

    Make a snow person and some snow angels for us!!


  4. That is one cool retro cabin in the woods. Enjoy the break. Reality will still be at home when you get back.

  5. Have an awesome time!

  6. he he. just remembering when they learned to open the van door, took both feet on the sides of the van.


    opening the door, climbing in, strapping down and yelling hurry up.

    love it.

  7. What fun!! The snow sounds absolutely wonderful right now!! Enjoy the time spent together.

  8. Sounds like a blast. Hope there's a fireplace too!!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  9. That sounds like a GREAT place. I can't believe your family have had it for so long. Good for you!!! I just love your family stories and pictures. You are great parents building wonderful memories for your girls. One day you will be there with your grandkids.

    Can I be adopted by you too? Do it matter that I am now 37?? Hee Heee.


  10. Mmmm.......sounds perfect!

    Enjoy it.

  11. That dog is adorable, and he looks a little shell shocked, kind of like he's thinking, "Oh, my, the twinados have found out about the cabin. Eek!"

    Looks like a great place to live all the time.

    Can't wait to see the skiing photos.

  12. SO MUCH FUN!!!! I bet the gals are loving the snow!