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Friday, December 4, 2009

An update on TubaDad and some Fashion Friday

TubaDad isn't moving very fast today. (If you don't know why, read the accident post below.) I had to go downstairs and get him two Percocets before he could even get out of bed. Yeesh. The pain has really set in to his rib area in particular. The eye area is looking nastier by the minute with the weird reddish bruising, but it's not too sore. He says his forehead is still kind of numb, it feels like he has a hat on.

I brought him coffee and an egg-and-bacon bagel sandwich after dropping the girls off at preschool—there's not too much that bacon can't fix, right? Heh. The girls are kind of subdued. They're not sure how to process this. Ro got a minor timeout on Wednesday and then threw the biggest fit I've ever seen in my life (from anyone), and both girls are having extra-emotional responses to various odd things. We're just taking stuff slow and giving them lots of reassurance.

Anyhow, that's the latest. Thank you so much for all of your good wishes. We've been a smidge preoccupied the last few days, so I don't have a picture of the girls' outfits today, but I do have a Fashion Friday video to share from last week. (I had uploaded the video last week and then never did anything with it.) The girls had gotten all gussied up to head to the passport office at the mall. Yes, that's right, we actually went TO THE MALL ON BLACK FRIDAY, something we have never, ever done before. We need passports to go visit Catherine and Hannah in Canada, and the Friday after Thanksgiving was a good day to do the in-person application because TubaDad wasn't at work or traveling. (Catherine, now you know how incredibly much we love you to brave the mall on Black Friday.) This video is of the girls describing the hilarious outfits they had put together, which definitely earned them a few smiles at the passport office:

We did finally get the applications approved and filed, but not before TubaDad spent 3 hours waiting in line. Man that office is sloooooooow. The time wasn't completely wasted, though. Ro and Ree and I ran around, saw Santa, and shopped while he waited in line, and we actually got some really cute things at deep, deep discounts. So there you have it. Happy Friday from our bruised-but-quite-relieved family.

PS: Ro and Ree's passport photos kind of crack me up. Ree (right) is all sweet and cute, while Ro looks like she's posing for a police lineup or something. If all goes as planned, we should get the passports in about 6 weeks and be ready to travel.



  1. Anonymous12/04/2009

    the skirt part decorating as flowers petal is really creative! very fashionable and cute!

    hope tuba dad gets better soon!

    best regards

  2. Sending good wishes TubaDad's way...

  3. Love the creativity of your fashionistas. Looking forward to seeing photos of your upcoming get together with Catherine and her adorable Hannah. Wishing TubaDad well!

  4. Remember when you got the very first pictures of the girls after the referral, and the photos were already, like, three months old, I think. I think I wrote something about Ree being the little movie star and Ro looking like she was trying to figure out how to solve all the world's problems before lunch. They've grown so much, but they're still so much the way they were. Kids are funny like that.

    Hope TubaDad feels better soon. And, to answer your question, I believe bacon is the universal holistic healing ingredient. Especially if it's sitting on top of a Kobe burger. (Just a suggestion, for when he's feeling a bit more TubaDad-like again.)


  5. Sending healing vibes TubaDad's way. Good thing those NY cabs have those dividers between the front and back seat so he couldn't fly out the front. *shudders*

  6. Poor Tubadad!! Please give him our best wishes for a speedy recovery. My husband used to travel a lot and I know he didn’t always wear a seatbelt in the cabs!
    If there is any chance that you will be coming to Montreal on your Canada trip please let us know! We are about 6.5 hours (by car) away from Catherine and Hannah.

  7. oh your poor hubby -- that must have ouched. hey, this morning on the yahoo board, I read this and thought of you --
    http://www.newsweek.com/id/225492/page/1. twin girls from china adopted by different US families and reunite. awesome and amazing story. gave me goose bumps. love the passport photo differences!

  8. Sending speedy healing wishes to TubaDad. I'm sure that just being at home has helped him a lot. And follow Dr. Ree's and Dr. Ro's orders, bacon, bacon and lots of bacon.

    I had emergency surgery (heavy duty kind) on October 27. SS had never been apart from me for more than a few hours for the past fifteen months. She became a completely different child. SS hit her father for the first time and it was not a tap (the girl has a mean left hook).

    The nurses were wonderful, they allowed SS and my husband to visit at will, and they even spent two nights in the bed next to mine. Still, seeing a parent in any type of discomfort is quite traumatic to little ones. The good news is that SS is finally settling to her old self, and the hitting has stopped. It's good that Ro & Ree have each other to lean on.

    Can't wait for the girls' Canadian adventure.

  9. Oh my gosh, that video is just what I needed today to crack me up! How creative are they!
    I hope Tuba Dad feels better soon! When I read about the accident earlier this morning, I got tears in my eyes. How scary that must have been for all of you, and a real eye opener! I actually just showed this to my friend who always "forgets" to wear her seat belt as a reminder, I made her promise me to wear it ALL the time, because it could have been much worse and it could happen to anyone!

  10. We gor Caroline's passport, but only AFTER the passport office sent us a notice that they needed her Certificate of Citizenship to prove citizenship. Her CA birth certificate was not enough. Sure wish the guy at the post office had told us that when we signed the papers in his presence.

    Now off to read the post on TubaDad's accident. Poor guy.

  11. Anonymous12/04/2009

    Sounds like the girls are reacting to their dad being hurt/injured. Have they talked about it? Knowing how verbal they are, processing their feelings should come easily.

    Best wishes to him for a speedy recovery and one without a tremendous amount of pain and to all of you for reclaiming the happy-go-lucky nature of the household.

    As always, the descriptions the girls give for their outfits makes the outfits quite special.

  12. Anonymous12/04/2009

    Oh M3, please know you all are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope TD heals quickly and the girls go back to being there usual sunny selves. What a horrible experience for you all.

    Thank you for the update, and try to take it easy.

    Oh, and I cannot wait to see the posts about your trip to see Catherine and Hannah (even though it will be a while!) What a trip that will be! Someting to look forward to. take care


  13. I am so glad to hear that he is ok. I have been worried and let him know that people from all over are thinking of him during his recovery.

  14. Been so busy with the girls' school, I hadn't read about the accident. So sorry and Godspeed to TubaDad. The girls are just old enough to conceive of real harm. Ouch. You'll have your hands full with them until he's back on his feet and acting normal.

    I don't know what I'd do, but, as an old ER nurse, I suppose I'd tell my patients to say to their kids in this situation (repeat when they act out or do something out of character), I would say, "He's safe. We're all safe. Accidents happen, and he's OK and he's going to be OK." Repeat for several days.

    Wishing for a speedy recovery,

    Indiana Lori

  15. Wahoooo!!! Bring on those passports!! We'll be ready for you friends! It's been unseasonably warm so far but we're going to do our very best to order up some snow for your visit!! Hannah saw her first snow when we were in Beijing and she thinks you'll really like it!

    Now about the passport pics. They're just about the cutest outfits ever! I love Ro's description of her flower and she had it all figured out right down to the green on the bottom and yellow and black on top. They truly are adorable my friend! Hannah will have to up her wardrobe so that she can participate in Fashion Friday too when you're here!!

    Thanks for braving the mall for us on Black Friday. Now that's a true friend!!

    Sorry to hear TD is still so sore. Hopefully yesterday was the worst day and that he begins to heal quickly.

    Love to you all! Let's get those passports in order and then we can talk flights! Wheeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Melissa12/05/2009

    Pics are cute! We live a few hours from catherine (Waterloo)and sadly the cold weather just showed up. The sad part is that there's no snow yet. Hopefully it'll be here by the time you all get here!


  17. What mall has a passport office? I've always had to go to the post office... I would love to be able to do my passport paperwork at the mall!

    Also, (and I swear I'm not a stalker) I found out that my friend's sister in law works at the girls' preschool. I was talking about something I'd read on the blog and her head perked up all "Who?? They were in my class!". Small world, eh?

  18. Sending get well wishes to Tuba dad. And wishes to mom too. It takes a lot to take care of dad and kids. Love all the pics and video!!!

  19. I am glad TubaDad is doing well. Car accidents can be so bad, glad he is on the mend. We just had a cookie exchange and had a yummy recipe with hersey kisses. You can never go wrong with those chocolates!

  20. Kudos to you for being willing to brave Canada in the winter:) I'm sure Catherine and Hannah will show you guys a great time!

  21. I am so glad that TB is okay and recuperating. A big scare that really puts things in perspective.

    You are going to be in Canada! When?

    Keep smilin!

  22. P.S. Hope TB feels better real soon.

  23. Hope Tuba Dad is feeling better soon. We just got passports and they arrived three weeks (to the day) from when we applied!

  24. Their passport pics are so cute.....Ro does look like she should be holding the card in her hand for a police photo!!

    The outfits are original as always:)

    Hope TD is hanging in there....you and the girls too. Sounds like it has been a rough couple of days.