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Friday, January 29, 2010

It was total twinsanity (Fri and Sat preview)

We just got back to the hotel room, we were gone for 12 hours today. Yikes! I have a million-and-one adorable pictures from yesterday (California Adventure, Princess lunch, Disneyland, and more) and today (LegoLand and dinner at Amyesq and Tim's). But you know what? It's just not gonna happen. I'm thinking that I just need to admit defeat regarding timely blogging for this trip and instead promise one highlight a day and a really spectacular pictorial wrap-up when we get home. (Also, D2 is somehow managing to get all the words and pics up each day, so if you'd like to see some great details on what we've been up to, check out his blog, I know my mom is. Heh.) So yesterday's highlight was getting to hang out with two twin families who are truly fun people. We met up with the family H (D2, K2, S2, H2) and with Amy & Tim and their spunky twins "the Jokers" (Julia & Katy). Then we roamed around California Adventure, went on some neat rides, explored Bugland, and thoroughly twin-tested the best bear playground we have ever seen. Wow. It was called the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, and Ro and Ree were in climbing, risk-taking, scrambling, sliding heaven—BobBob we have pictures of everything that the girls want you to build in our backyard. Just giving you a little advance warning. We all had lunch with a whole bunch of princesses, too. I screwed up when Ro was talking to Snow White and I asked who her favorite princess was, thinking it was SW. She glanced over her shoulder and the sweet lady in yellow and said "Um, not dis one." Oops. Anyhow, the day was fun and funny. DSC02573LR (L to R adults: K2, D2, Me, TubaDad, Tim, Amy) (L to R kids: H2, S2, Ro, Ree, Katy, Julia) Today we went to LegoLand -- which, by the way, is insanely cool. Maybe my new favorite amusement park. Then, after a seriously action-packed day, Amy and Tim invited us all over to their house for dinner. We were suitably horrified and immediately tried to convince them that the damage and mayhem six twins would commit would be horrible to behold. They persisted, so we jumped for glee and headed to their house for what turned out to be a scrumptious dinner and the toddler-version of an all-night rave party. You think I'm kidding. The six twins took to each other like a house on fire, efficiently doled out fancy costumes and accessories, then had a big ole ice skating show/dance party. We all had to "sign in" on some big paper before we were allowed to watch it. I took a bunch of pictures (while I was holding the camera at hip level and laughing my butt off). And I don't have any time to edit them all pretty... So here they are, raw snapshots of the toddler rave: The girls were all having such a good time I don't know how long we would have been there if we didn't drag them out to the car. It was crazy. You should have seen the grins, and the twirling, the accessorizing, the outflung arms, and the careening across the slippery floor. Man. Those little ladies sure know how to party. When we left, TubaDad said to Amy, "I'm sorry my girls trashed your house." And that really said it all, I guess. We thought Ro and Ree would crash instantly on the hour-long drive back to the hotel, especially since they hadn't napped, but they hung in there the whole way, talking so much that we finally dialed Wela on the cell phone and let them talk to her. (Wela, I'm really sorry about that 22-minute late-night call.) Yeesh. They just kept passing the phone back and forth and saying things like "Dis is Ro now, are you still der? Ok, well..." and then launching into another never-ending story. PS: A bunch of folks asked about the car lapdesks, we wrote up a bunch of details and pics here, so check it out. Jessica asked where we got the playroom bookcases, they're combo storage units/bookcases, and we got them from Pottery Barn Kids. And I got several questions about the new bedazzled, light-up shoes the girls are wearing, they're Skechers TwinkleToes Groovy Baby shoes and are HUGE hits.


  1. Oh, my gosh, are those the twins I held when we ate lunch that day? Holy mackarel! How dare they grow while I wasn't looking! Just goes to show you what those kids will get up to. They've all gotten so big. One of these days, I'm going to get my life/school/job situation straightened out, and we can meet again for lunch.

    P.S. My daughter got an ultrasound yesterday - it's a boy!

  2. Now that's the way to do Disney! Waving hi to Amyesq and family :)

  3. Anonymous1/31/2010

    A party with 3 sets of twins? After that "crazy" ride I'm surprised that he could still walk:)

  4. We go to Legoland a lot - it's perfect for younger kids! Since it's your new fav park, maybe we'll run into ou there sometime! :) Leda & Kaylee Tao Tao

  5. I love the descriptions and pictures each day. It is wonderful that this set of three twins are able to be together. What wonderful memories and how nice to grow up knowing other twins especially ones that look alike. I am so impressed.
    Keep having fun.

  6. We went to Legoland last Sept for the first time while visiting family. My friend is a member and had passes and showed us all around. Kudos for Tubadad going on the robot. None of us were brave enough to do it. Looks like you all had a good time.


  7. Oh and we have the lapdesks, that I saw here first and we take them on every trip. They work great!

  8. I'm so sad we're not there too! Darn that thing called Kindergarten.

    Please tell Amyesq hello from me.

  9. Anonymous1/31/2010

    I think, next time, you bring a web cam so we can watch it all live !! Install a cam in your hat and TubaDad's hat. Yeah, good idea !!

    Gail (Sonoma)

    PS Can't wait for the pics.

  10. That sounds like a great day! Your gilrs are getting great memories for the future and some life time friends.


  11. Just saw this new book by Grace Lin and immediately thought of you guys! It comes out in March.

  12. SO cute! I'm glad you all had a good time at Disneyland-- I'm a huge fan even at age 22, so I can definitely understand the enthusiasm!

  13. Anonymous2/01/2010

    You didn't bring a stroller!? You are very very brave !

  14. I've been insanely busy here getting a new girl's room ready and our stuff ready for our trip, but I finally have time to check in. These are so much fun to read. You guys sure know how to have a great time.

    And I will ditto the great recommendation for the lap desks. We got one based om M3's praise and haven't been disappointed. Our litte guy loves being able to color or drive his trucks and trains when we are on the road.