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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Third time's a charm, right? The results of rainy day shaving cream project Take 3.

Alrighty, call me crazy but I had one more try at the rainy day shaving cream project. I mean, people were saying they did it in classrooms with their preschoolers, for pete's sake. Clearly, this was something I should be able to do. I did listen to all the advice, though. Boy did I listen. I planned and schemed and visualized success. Then I crossed my fingers and we dove in. This time, I severely limited the amount of shaving cream, I doled it out in small bowls (Ro and Ree never held a can in their slimy, active little hands), I gave them paintbrushes, and filled the bathtub with warm water. We used the Skintimate shaving cream that starts as fun pink squiggles and turns to foamy cream as you play with it: DSC_2035LR Notice that the shower curtain is open here and the water is running. Yes, I was oh-so-hopeful: DSC_2050LR I'm happy (and slightly incredulous) to report that the project actually worked this time. They played quietly, they didn't paint each other, and if they got any near their eyes they could quickly rinse it themselves in the bath water. The sight of this little bowl sitting so peacefully in the corner just made me happy. Such a marked contrast to the panic I felt last time: DSC_2068LR And this here is the best, and most-telling photograph of the whole project. If you examine it closely, you'll see that I have dragged a comfy chair into the bathroom and am sitting down (sitting!!) listening to some tunes. Oh it was glorious. Just glorious: DSC_2074LR The girls were quite expressive with their painting. Ree got a little extra creative with her feet: DSC_2080LR Oh, and I took this picture because the little drowned rats just looked so cute, but it occurred to me later that it shows some of the differences in the girls' features (Ree left, Ro right). Folks are always asking me how to tell them apart, and here are some of the physical clues (in case you can't see their bracelets, because Ro's bracelet is on her right arm and Ree's is on her left arm): Ree's face is a little bit wider, her eyebrows (particularly when she's animated) have more of a pointy arch in the middle, her nose is a little wider, and she always holds her jaw clenched, so it looks more square than Ro's. Ro's chin typically looks a little pointier, she has a little bit more upturn to her nose (you can see it if you look at the nostrils). DSC_2083LR You can really see what I'm talking about with Ree's pointy eyebrows and the difference in their noses here (Ree left, Ro right): DSC_2092LR Hm, I should probably mention that they switched sides in this one, so Ro is now on the left. That wouldn't have confused anyone, would it? Heh heh. DSC_2093LR Silly girls. Oh, and this photo shows how they can make faces that mask the physical cues and make it nearly impossible to tell them apart unless you're their mama. DSC_2104LR Love those wrinkly little adorable feet: DSC_2133LR Anyhow, that's the update. The shaving cream project Take 3 went swimmingly. Woohoooo—we're calling this one a success at last and will now proceed to other things on the Rainy Day Activity List.


  1. Yahooo!! I had a feeling the third time would be the charm:)

    You even got to sit......now that is sweet success!

    The bathtub pics are so cute! It is funny how when their hair is wet you can see more of their differences. Although you still have to look very closely...... or at least I do:)

    Have a wonderful week!


  2. This looks like so much fun! I wonder if there is something you can use to color the shaving cream though. Obviously not food coloring (because that would probably stain skin).

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  3. k1polzin3/02/2010

    Not sure someone has mentioned this or not, my girls LOVE doing this one. Mix equal amounts of school glue with shaving creme....a little of each to start with (mix together well...I use a small/medium paintbrush)let the kiddos use as a fluffy paint on colored paper the best part about this is it dries fluffy too! We made snowmen on blue paper this winter & we also made fluffy hearts on pink and red paper! They really turn out cute!

  4. Absolutely ADORABLE post and geesh you are brave with that dang shaving cream.

  5. Oh, you are brave. But yah.... it worked. They look so peaceful and content as I'm sure you were too.

  6. i'm tellin ya'-- that 1st shaving cream post is probably one of my favorites (hey-- there's an idea-- have everyone pick their favorite post- and have a top ten list!!!) ok- back to my story-- my husband read that 1st shaving cream post- and laughed so hard he cried-- oh dear..-- i think whenever i'm having a bad day- i'll just bookmark it and look at those pictures.--

    you are brave!!!!!

  7. I'm with Emily- the first shaving cream "incident" was so funny- maybe only to us as readers though (and Ro & Ree). I am glad that you ALL were able to have fun with this round. I love that you were determined to make it work- it's good example to the girls!

  8. i knew 3rd time would be a charm!! :O)
    and now i will always be looking for the "tell 'em apart twin clues" in every photo!

  9. Anonymous3/03/2010

    Hello. And Bye.

  10. Kristina3/04/2010

    Looks like lots of fun and now that you have perfected the mess...I think I will try it!;)

  11. Anonymous4/30/2010

    you should try bath paint it is so much fun and so easy to clean mix 1 or 2 drops of food coloring into a little bowl add about 1 tablespoon on body wash and give them paint brushes they can paint themselves or the bathtub fun!