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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cheese please!

We sure do love food in this house. Oh man, there's probably nothing we won't eat (which isn't a good thing according to my too-tight jeans). Anyhow, lately the girls have really gotten into cheese plates, which thrills me to no end because I ♥ ♥ ♥ LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥ a good cheese plate! Mmmmm. Ro and Ree are so funny when we go grocery shopping, arguing with each other over which cheeses we should buy and lobbying hard for their old favorites or strange new ones that catch their eyes. It's fun. On the last trip to Whole Foods we picked up small wedges of smoked gouda, fontina, a really funky crumbly white cheddar (cheddar cabot clothbound cellars at jasper hill), gruyere, and sheep's cheese (sheep cordobes mitica). Then I've been making cheese plates with different fresh and dried fruits, nuts, spreads (apple paste or honey), salamis, crackers, etc. Yesterday we lived on the decadent side and had cheese plates for lunch. Wheeeee! This was mine: DSC_4471LR And then the girls each had one of these: DSC_4474LR Think they liked it? Heh.: DSC_4477LR Sometimes I just plop a bunch of stuff on a big cutting board and we all nosh on it: DSC_4244LR Oh yeah, that's good: DSC_4249LR Mmmm. Now I'm getting hungry. Might just need to whip up a tiny little plate of goodies! PS: Speaking of food, the girls were sooooo happy that I made them bentos for lunch today. I need to make them more often, and then actually take pics when I do. It's just tough to hold them off long enough to get pics. Today they had Crazy Bugs (a new organic mac and cheese), baby carrots, blackberries, no-sugar-added applesauce with raisin happy faces, and a gingersnap for dessert. DSC_4636LRPSLR Four thumbs up from the girlies (although I gave them too much mac and cheese and ended up putting about half of it back in the fridge). You can see other bentos the girls have devoured here.


  1. Anonymous4/21/2010

    Yum for the cheese! You are producing little gourmands. Smart girls for experimenting with all kinds of foods. Do they like all ethnic foods as well?

    Nosh is without a g.

  2. Oh funny! I'll go fix it. Thanks. :-)

    They hate Indian food, which kills me since it's one of my absolute faves, but love to go to restaurants and get Mexican food, Chinese food, and Japanese food. I don't like Thai food, so I don't think they've ever had it.

  3. We love cheese too..all the exotic ones :) Great idea on the Bento boxes!

  4. Anonymous4/21/2010

    Big cheese fans here too! I love a good cheese plate. We do the same with cheeses, fruits and nuts. Pair it with a glass of wine (for the adults!) and I'm a happy girl.


  5. Mmmmmm.........cheese. Now I'm hungry :)

  6. super hungry now lol

    wasa crackers are super awesome, just found out about them a few weeks ago LOVE THEM~

  7. Anonymous4/21/2010

    Yum! Could I come for lunch?

  8. Love those bento boxes, the lunch you made is a fave here (minus the bentos, I haven't ordered any for the girls yet).

    We also love cheese. Sometimes the girls will ask for cheese, crackers, ham/turkey lunch meat, I throw in some grapes and sometimes a cookie. They get milk at school and they are good to go.

    I like the 'noshing' together and I think we will try that this summer when we're all home.


  9. Shannon (CA)4/21/2010

    I love that Willy was a whale shirt!! How cute! and we're huge cheese fans over here, sounds great!

  10. Good for you for trying all sorts of different things. (Indian is right up there for me too.) The bento boxes are adorable.

  11. Yum, cheese is a must have for our little family as well. Love the bentos what a great way to make lunch fun.

  12. cheese plates are my go-to snack- especially with the Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar. I will definitely be stealing your bento box idea!


  13. Hey there! Sorry I have not commented in a very long time, but I have read along, up until mid March when we FINALLY went to China to get our baby girl!
    Anyway, I was just going back through your posts and saw the photo session. OMG, she lives here! I just may have to call and schedule an appointment with her now that our family is complete, we need to have a family photo made! What a small, small world.

    I do have a new blog also, if you want to check it out email me @
    a_wingenter@yahoo.com and I will give you the info, or you could get it from Catherine, she has it also.
    I can not get over how big your girls are getting, they grow up so fast!

    Take care,

  14. Anonymous4/23/2010

    What happened to bacon?

  15. We keep a cheese plate on hand for times when the kids don't like what I made for dinner. Some time ago I stopped cooking around what the kids were and weren't going to enjoy, so now if I make a bok choy stir fry with prosciutto and sherry and they don't like it? They can have the rice that goes with it and cheese, crackers, dried fruit and nuts!

  16. Mmmm. Your cheese plates look amazing! Now I'm in the mood for a yummy cheese plate with all the fixins!